An advanced Photoshop tutorial if you want to be a pro

Sometimes I see these amazing computer generated images and, even though I am pretty proficient in Photoshop, I wonder how did they manage to do that. Seeing this tutorial opens up opportunities and really gets down to nuts and bolts of the more advanced techniques. Like for instance, I had no idea you could take a remote apart and then change each part to look how you need it to look. To me a remote was a remote, a single element in the design, and they went and made sub-elements from it. That is great!

So above is what the finished product looks like, and here is a quick run through how it go there. This all started with 4 components, a remote control, a bullet and a couple of circuit boards.

The remote underwent surgery and was chopped up into it’s parts and some additional parts were created using the circuit boards. The buttons were extracted form the remote and some were created fron thin air.

As I said before, each individual part was ripped, warped and bent. Did I mention that Photoshop is amazing? Yeah, it is. Now each part is ready for assembly.

Put it all together and slap some background behind it and here you go, an awesome shot, a slow motion freeze frame.

To see the entire tutorial, and if you’ve read to here you have to see it, go here:

Photoshop Tutorial: Create A Slow Motion Bullet Shot Effect

11 YouTube Video Background Border Design Ideas in PSD

Another series of Photoshop PSD files to share with you guys and girls. The last YouTube player button icon PSD file I posted here turned out to be pretty popular so I decided to do a series of YouTube video background border designs and share the PSDs here for everyone to use. I know as a designer, creating something that is needed all the time, from scratch every time, is no fun and gets kinda old real quick so once and for all, or for most projects anyway, here are the ready PSDs that you can dive into and edit as you like to apply to your project.

Download all of these file and feel free to use them as you please for your self or your business. Please link back to this page if you can.

Click here to download these PSD files »

Download all of these file and feel free to use them as you please for your self or your business. Please link back to this page if you can. :)

Click here to download these PSD files »

Getting a Deal on Adobe Suite

adobe_logoI’ve been doing a bit of research on getting me the Adobe CS4 Design Premium for the iMac that is in my future and I found out that I could get a nice discount in my situation.

A while ago, I bought Photoshop CS3 from a lady that I found on craigslist. I got it at a good deal, only $200. The other day, while looking at one of the iMacs at BestBuy, the sales guy told me that I could “trade in” my existing Windows Adobe software for credit towards the Mac version. That was great news for me, because I was going to shell out $1799 for the suite.

I called Adobe and asked them about it and they confirmed it. With my Photoshop for Windows, I get a $400 discount.

Soo, I say go out and find some used Adobe software to trade in for a discount.

But beware!!! Make sure the software you buy is genuine and has not been upgraded from. I would actually recommend calling Adobe before you buy with the serial number to make sure they will allow it.

Practical Use Of Photoshop Lighting Effects

These ads look awesome, the lighting effects really make them pop, make them exciting to look at. Makes me want to go an get me PS3 ;). After you check out these PS3 ads, I have a list of some Photoshop lighting effects tutorials that will help you create similar effects… make sure to take a look at the bottom of this post.


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Tutorial on Creating a Lightning effect in Photoshop CS3

This is a simple way of creating a Lightning effect in Photoshop CS3. It could also easily be done in any version of Photoshop.

After I got done editing and publishing this video I desided to also create a Photoshop Action to make the lightning effect by just playing the Action. So here you can download the Photoshop CS3 Lightning Effect Action:

Download: Photoshop CS3 Lightning Effect Action

To use this Action, with Photoshop closed, download and unZIP the file.

Move the unZIPPED file to the following folder: 
C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER_NAME\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Actions\*

Start Photoshop and open a new file.

Open your Actions pallet and click lightning action folder and click the lightning action, like you see in the picture below.

Photoshop Actions

When ready, click the play button (looks like a triangle on it’s side) at the bottom of the pallet.

This will create a lightning bolt. You can apply additional effects that you saw in the video to this to layer more lightning bolts on top or to colorize it.


Video Tutorial on Creating A Seal in Photoshop CS3

Here is a little video tutorial I did on creating a certificate seal or a badge, what ever you want to call this. I used Photoshop CS3 to create this although it can be done in Illustrator for even better results. Since Illustrator creates vector graphics, it would be a lot cleaner and would be re-sizeable. This video tutorial is a quickie.

At the end on the video, I also desided to change the color of the outer edge of the seal to gold.

Let me know what you think.