Some Logos & Graphic I Liked

This is a mini-post with a couple of nice looking logos and an image that have been sitting on my desktop that I needed to file somewhere and so I am uploading them here to the blog for later reference.

Nice looking logo from MEDL Mobile, a software company that creates iPhone apps.

BUMP Technologies is another iPhone App company that created the cool BUMP App. I liked their logo too.

A cool looking icon i found inside my GoDaddy account website.

That’s all I got in this one.

~ Valik

Orange and Black, The New Red

LOL, maybe orange and black, the new red is a bit pushing it but this orange and black design looks pretty nice. The detail in this website’s design caught my attention right away, I think it was the header background at first, then the nice sliding gizmo below the header, the subtle navigation and finally the little glossy orange icons at the top right.

In the shot above take a look at the nice pattern background and then the navigation area. These 2 parts of the site I really like. The navigation buttons are black on black and yet you see the subtle separation thanks to the shadow effects.

And in this screen shot, at the top right, the nice orange glossy icons… I thought they were really nicely done.

Check out the whole site at

Why Web Designer Magazine’s Top 20 Site Logos List Sucks

While browsing through the Issue 164 of the Web Designer magazine,  I stumbled onto their Top 20 Site Logos list. I was pretty disappointed to see that so many mediocre logos have made it into this list. I am not trying to put down the skills or the design of the logos or the designers of those logos that are in that list, all I am saying is that there are so many much better logos out there that do belong on that list. It almost seems like they just picked random sites and just stuck their logos in there without spending much time on this piece.

Anyways, from their top 20 list, I only saw 3 that were worthy being there and they are:

1. Sheriar Designs


2. Agencia P4


3. Mark Jardine

Until next time,

~ Valik

Awsome Looking Colorful Logo


A nice way to incorporate the wild rainbow of colors while keeping it under control. Here they have a nice thick black¬† border around the colorful text giving it a clean and crisp look. I like the main font and the position and treatment used on the word “design” at the bottom is also very nice. The stars as separators, make the whole logo pop. Very nice.


Portfolio Feature: Spoon Graphics


Today, I’d like to feature a portfolio of a talented designer, Chris Spooner of I’ve featured his work before in a few of by previous posts but here I’d like to draw attention to his portfolio. His skills range from logo design to print, to web design.


One of the jobs he did is these beautiful business cards, in addition to the logo design that he did for this company. Very nice combination of deep color and negative text treatment.


Another piece of his work that I’d like to share is this logo that;s been showing up on various “Top Logos…” lists around the web. It is very clean and vivid for sure. Great job Chris.

Chris Spooner can be reached via his contact form on his website:

28 Great Looking Website Logo Ideas

Another compilation of logo designs from websites around the internet for your enjoyment and inspiration. These is a list of 28 great looking logo designs that will spark design and technique ideas. It is amazing how much great talent there is out there.

I also included a logo from my website – – because I am proud of it. :D











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Whitestone Design Werks Beautiful Design

I have met Russell Heistuman at a local Marketers Meeting, he’s a skilled graphic designer with over 20 years under his belt. His company website’s design looks amazing, so elegant and professional, it is a real inspiration piece. All though the entire website is worth taking notes on, I’d like to feature the header and the footer, because they are the two elements that really stand out for me.


Russell is all about identity and on his website, it follows through. The website look reflects the look of the business card that I got from him. The logo is awesome, form the faint gray background, Spirograph design with a colorful 8 point star in the middle, to the transparent box to the top-right with the company name inside. That Spirograph design in the background, although subtle, really adds depth to the design.


The other element I really like is the footer. Again, the design follows through, the Spirograph part of the logo with the colorful star is set on the bottom-right this time to balance out the page design. The colors, the fonts, it all works together to bring forth this beautiful design.

Awesome website Russell!


P.S. Thanks to Anrkist for pointing out what that Spirograph design is called. I knew there had to be a name for it but really didn’t know what to call it.

Colorful And Fun Logo & Button Treatment


Here’s a cute and fun little logo, that being said, note the effects that are implemented into the logo to make it look so good. First off, the shades of green and orange color gradient, respectfully, applied to the text it self, the perspective set on the cubes and the letters to make them kinda look 3D, then you have the reflection effect below the blocks. Details is what makes our world beautiful.


Down lower on the same site you will find these cool looking buttons. I just wanted to say a few things about them because they stood out to me. Now that I look at them closer I can’t really tell if the icons used on them are from a stock icons set or a few different sets but it looks to me like they could match the style a bit better. Other than that, I like how they stand out, I think it’s the combination of nice gray border with the faint gray tinted star burst in the background that adds contrast to the button and then the glossy effect on the icons brings in the whole button out.