Unique, Simple & Clean Blog Design


The cleanliness, the amazing use of “white” (shades of gray) space is what caught my eye on this blog design. The bold reds bringing important elements out. This blog design allows the visitor to be able to navigate with ease thanks to it’s simple navigation and pretty standard layout structure.  I think this blog’s ease of use approach is the best that I’ve seen in a while.

Source: RoqueAlonso.org

The Most Unique Website Design!


This website was submitted to WDI through the Submit Site button. I receive a lot of websites submitted through there that are good looking but rarely do I get something inspiring and something that really makes me say, “Wow, this one is cool”.

ThiagoCanudi.com.br is the most unique website design that I’ve seen in a while and it did exactly that, I actually said, “Wow, this one’s cool”, I was very excited to see it. This website is designed to look like a flattened out packaging box. To navigate to the next page you click a link and it will scroll the page right anfd left until it gets to the requested page. I have seen websites that scroll right and left for navigation but this one is different, there is actually a real purpose for scrolling. I love the bright colors used and the graphical elements like the boxy lettering and the logo. The way the website is structured is very unique and it shows the designer’s level of skill and talent.


Here is the whole website, there is only 4 pages but they are done very well. I’m posting this one in the Best websites of 2009! Go take a look and scroll through it to appreciate.

Source: http://www.thiagocanudo.com.br

Kind Of A Unique Splash Page Style Website Design


I haven’t seen splash pages used on websites in a while. Hanlon Creative, a Marketing and Web Design company, does not really use a splash page on their website but the homepage is built to act like a sort of a splash page. It focuses on one project and shows the logo, or an element from the project, as the graphic background of the page and then a paragraph of text about the project off to the right of the page. A logo on the top-left and a small navigation bar at the top-right and that’s it.

Very minimalist and very clean and to the point. I really like it.

Source: http://hanloncreative.com

Great Use Of Space And Colors

Studio JWAL

Cluttered websites are hard to look at and figure out what it’s about. This site’s layout has very good use of space, it is easy to look at. The header is nice and tall, letting you focus easily on the logo and the navigation links. The small heading text area is separated with the use of background color, also applying the spacious padding on the area. Simple content space, lets you easily read it. I also like the design of the sidebar, how the white background extends from the small white stripe below the hearer.

Source: http://www.studiojwal.com

Using a mascot to build a brand

Guerilla mascot

Sometimes having a company mascot is very helpful in developing a brand. When a visitor first comes to a page, the company name or the domain may not be very obvious, adding an illustration like the Silverback guerilla on this website, makes you build a link between the guerilla and the name of the website. The word “Silverback”, although easy to remember, does not stick easily in one’s mind. Illustrating it with a big, black, (semi-friendly looking) guerilla, helps visitors remember the name and adds another element to the website that will create returning visitors and in turn, customers.

The whole layout on this website works very well. I like the foliage hanging from the top, it’s a nice touch. Making a theme complete is the Banana bullets. It’s these small things in a theme that really make a great design.

Visit the site at: http://silverbackapp.com/ 

Wood Navigation & Images

woody header

Wood look anyone? This website that belongs to Komodomedia has really nice wood theme going. It gives a warm cartoony feel. The navigation bar, the nice wood seal, the heading bars, all in wood. I also like the foliage that they have hanging here and there. Good illustration work. 

Website Layout, Design, This is amazing!


For some more inspiration, here is a nice layout that is really “refreshing”. When this page opened up I was really impressed to see this. This design is perfectly ballanced out. The flowers illustration in the front is great, the little red hearts and the arrow pop and balance the page out with the red lettering on the right. The grays and the browns work great together. Also the glossy effect that spans across the information boxes. It’s a simple thing to do but what a ifference it makes. Little stripes detail in the heading boxes, the transparent feel of the info boxes is amazing.

Awesomely refreshing design!

See the site: http://www.newconcept.hu

Great Flash Site

Great Flash Site

I came across a website this evening that was very impressive. The site is for a design company called 2Advanced Studios. Their company slogan is “Progressive Design Technology.” Judging from their own site, they are steeped in their adherence to progressiveness.

I like the way they use an expanding navigation system on their site (they refer to it as an expanded navigation array). The layout of their entire site is very ‘edgy’ and engaging. In my opinion, they make the user want to click a button just to see what happens next.

Check it out for yourself: 2Advanced Studios