Beautiful Floral & Vines Illustration


Really amazing floral & vines illustration work on this header. The shades of green with small blue flowers on top of the dark gray wood grains background looks great. The little white fireflies effect really brings the piece to life.


Nicely Illustrated City Scape Header


I started thinking about the elements in this header and after a few minutes realized that the significance of this header is not in the details but in the large picture. The mix of all the things in this design go together, from the colors to the lines. It looks good on this blog.


Sweet Logo from Muku Studios

Muku logo

While looking around for some fresh crest style logos, I stumbled onto Muku Studios website. There, staring me in the face was a cool, tribal themed crest inspired logo. I like this logo. It says a lot about the owners of Muku and their business. The company is based in Hawaii, the owners love to surf. The website matches up well with its owners. The tropical/surf style matches up perfectly with them. The logo itself reminds me of some sort of wooden, carved idol.

What do you think? Tell me your thoughts about their logo and the them of their site. I’d enjoy hearing your evaluation on it. Thanks! ~~

Website Layout, Design, This is amazing!


For some more inspiration, here is a nice layout that is really “refreshing”. When this page opened up I was really impressed to see this. This design is perfectly ballanced out. The flowers illustration in the front is great, the little red hearts and the arrow pop and balance the page out with the red lettering on the right. The grays and the browns work great together. Also the glossy effect that spans across the information boxes. It’s a simple thing to do but what a ifference it makes. Little stripes detail in the heading boxes, the transparent feel of the info boxes is amazing.

Awesomely refreshing design!

See the site:

Text Treatment And Background Design Idea On A Website Header


This is a part 2 of a 3 part entry. has many excellent elements on the site and I want to file three of the best ones here for future inspiration.

The second great element is the way text and the header area is treated. Strong white text with a 1 pixel black or maybe just a darker color outline makes the text pop from the page. I like the background graphic, it’s not just green but the illustration of a city, the sun, birds and the gently faded pattern ballances out the header. I also want to mention the small detail – birds outside of the header border flying in. Adds to the uniqueness fo the site.

Part 1 – Fun logo
Part 3 – Image effects