Tutorial on Creating A Custom Looking Form with CSS

Plain ol’ boring looking forms are not as cool as they once were…. well now that I think about it, I don’t think they were ever cool. They are just functional…. so why not make them look nice, add some design into them and make them match the rest of the page? This is exactly what I wanted to do in this post. I’ll walk you through adding a design to your form.

To do this you will need a custom designed form graphic, it needs to be a complete form design as you see in the above image, with the form fields and the button all on the image. If you have drop-down fields this will not work, this is only for text field forms.

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Adding reCaptcha To A Custom Contact Form Page On WordPress

Image credit: Madison Magazine

At first I thought this was going to be easy, just install the WordPress reCaptcha plugin and add a couple of lines to the form and that should do it. Once I was ready to go and actually do it, I could not find any info on teh web on how to do this, so after two hours of research and trial and error I found the answer. I hope this will help someone out there.

I am building a custom contact page with a PHP contact form on it. I need the reCaptcha to sit at the bottom of the form and keep Spammers out.

First we needed to go and register an account at reCaptcha.net and get the public and private key for the domain the reCaptcha is going on. Then download the reCaptcha library PHP file that will be including in the form processing code.
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Beautiful Nautical Design


Blue is considered to be a color of rest, calm, relaxation, the thought that comes to mind when I think of blue is sea, beautiful beach with clear blue ocean water and beautiful blue sky… Man, I really need a vacation…

Anyway, EgoNautica, this site’s design is great. I love how they worked the photo of a yacht, resting in the clear blue water with blue sky in the background, into this website. All the rest of the elements are designed around that concept, light blue gradients, transparent effects. Take a look at the navigation buttons, and the custom form block above.

Source: EgoNautica.it