Creating A Facebook Fan Page & Customizing It For Your Business

UPDATED –> Thanks to facebook’s fast moving evolution, this article has become some what outdated. Please read the new¬†Tutorial on how to add HTML to facebook that talks about creating a custom page on facebook.

So you have a Facebook account for your company and you have friends on there, what next? Facebook allows you to create a Fan page where you can dedicate this page to anything from a specific product to the entire brand and within this page you can create a custom looking page which can have a lot of functionality from your company’s website including links to products and sales pages. Once you have the page created you can collect Fans which does not require that you know the people like it does when you add friends. This expands the potential customer base significantly, so I recommend that every business has a Fan page setup.

In this article I will walk through creating this Facebook Fan page, step by step. I have to note though that like in previous Facebook articles that I wrote, as Facebook updates their site and the Applications get updated the information in this article may become outdated but the main idea and basic setup should still apply and I am sure you will be able to find the current information simply by searching Google.

Ok, let’s begin.

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