Corrugated Board & Sharpie Design


LOL!! It’s a simple looking corrugated board and Sharpie design that makes you want to burst out laughing. If you scroll down, you will realize that this is a professional design firm’s website. The elements on a page are perfectly laid out and are easy to read. The hand-drawn design at the bottom, in the footer is awesome looking.


If I understood the language that this website is in, I’d have a lot easier time navigating through it. But design is sweet looking and pretty entertaining.


Corrugated Paper Header and Navigation

Corrugated paper header & navigation

Aah, how does something so wrong look so right? The torn corrugated paper header and the navigation backgrounds are awesome. Notice the logo is done in a way that it looks like it is printed on the paper. The reason it looks that way is because you can see the paper fibers and textures through the logo. If it was not this way the logo would have looked like it is stuck on top, like a sticker. 

The sidebar looks great too. Same background, straight edge on the left keeps everything aligned. I don’t think it would look this good if the edge was torn.

corrugated paper footer

Got to check out the footer too. The torn shape is great, cut out along the top to make room for the links, … genius!! … 

This site just looks awesome. It will definitely go in our Top Sites of 2008 list.

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