A Paradise Remodel… Great Graphic Work


A while ago I featured Jannis’ website here for the beautiful, relaxed, paradise design in it’s header. Recently, he redesigned the header and made it even more beautiful with lots more detail and design elements.

Also wanted to mention the navigation bar, it’s pretty simple and yet very nice looking. With the subtle hover effect and nice little icons.

Amazing work Jannis, great job!

Source: Jannis-Gerlinger.de

Beautiful, Clean, Inspirational Single Page Design


Tanya Merone’s website is definitely inspirational. It sits all on one page and uses the A NAME tags for navigation. The design is very clean, simple and beautiful. I love the simplicity of the some-what narrow column, the nice little navigation buttons at the top and the section separators with the small details like the small arrow at the right side. The light blue floral background is cute and along with the logo, the colors on the website and the photo of Tanya, sets up the simple, professional and easy to work with attitude of the person behind the site.

See Tanya’s site here: Tanya Merone

Beautiful Clean Design & Unique Navigation


Beautiful, crisp, rich design here. From the first glance it looks like this page is built on top of a high quality photograph enhanced with some computer graphics but it looks to me like it’s the other way around, the room it self was created in photoshop, just the baby crib, the child and the photographs on the wall are real photos that were pasted on top of CG. I love the navigation. Very nicely done.

Source: http://www.matrizcomunicacao.com.br

Color, Font & Photograph Makes It Beautiful and Elegant


If you examine this website you will find that really there are 3 major elements that make this website look so elegant and beautiful, they are color, font and photograph. The deep dark shades of red create a sort of romantic atmosphere and the font used here give it an elegant and sophisticated feel. The crisp photographs in the slide show show the areas in the club which is also staged in a sophisticated style which supports the entire look and feel of the website.


Notice the navigation hover buttons, as you hover the mouse over the navigation links, beautiful buttons appear behind the text. I like it that it’s not just a plain or a rounded corners rectangle but a nice classic shape that matches the rest of the site.deep

Source: http://mountaincityclub.org

Sweet Redesign of Weberica


I’ve featured Weberica here before with their original design (above), and yesterday I found out that they have redesigned the site and below is what it looks like.


If you look at the new design without knowing what it looked like before, I think it looks awesome, some new styles, a little on the grunge side with some elegant elements. I like the rough water color background up at the header area.

Personally, I think I liked the old design a little better. In my opinion (and I know, opinions are like arm pits – everyone’s got two), elegant looking website design always wins over grunge style. Especially when a website’s identity, look has been established with an elegant and clean design and then it changes to a grunge, modern look.

Bottom line, I like both designs, old and new but if I had to choose which one the site looks better with, I’d say the old one.

Source: http://www.weberica.net

Beautiful Dreamy Website Design With A Sailboat


Unconventional design is usually surprising…. You go to a site expecting to see grid style design, like everywhere else and when something outside-the-box loads, you feel confused and satisfied all at the same time. Of course this only happens if the site is built with a sense of design by a talented designer. Some outside-the-box designs are pretty sad looking and I really hope they have a good friend that can tell them the truth.

This design here though is beautiful, I love the gradients in the background, the seamless flowing drapes that turn into the sea flowing from the window. Love the sailboat and the lighting effects throughout the scene. Nice little icons at the bottom too.

Source: http://www.agote.lt

Cool Black & White Website Design


Calm combination of grays and black colors look on this web design portfolio of Justin Wagner. As you hover over the various elements on the page they come to life by lighting up with color. Various textures and lighting effects add to the beautiful design.

Source: http://lifefroots.com

Whitestone Design Werks Beautiful Design

I have met Russell Heistuman at a local Marketers Meeting, he’s a skilled graphic designer with over 20 years under his belt. His company website’s design looks amazing, so elegant and professional, it is a real inspiration piece. All though the entire website is worth taking notes on, I’d like to feature the header and the footer, because they are the two elements that really stand out for me.


Russell is all about identity and on his website, it follows through. The website look reflects the look of the business card that I got from him. The logo is awesome, form the faint gray background, Spirograph design with a colorful 8 point star in the middle, to the transparent box to the top-right with the company name inside. That Spirograph design in the background, although subtle, really adds depth to the design.


The other element I really like is the footer. Again, the design follows through, the Spirograph part of the logo with the colorful star is set on the bottom-right this time to balance out the page design. The colors, the fonts, it all works together to bring forth this beautiful design.

Awesome website Russell!

Source: http://www.wdwerks.com

P.S. Thanks to Anrkist for pointing out what that Spirograph design is called. I knew there had to be a name for it but really didn’t know what to call it.

Beautiful Transparent Navigation Tabs


Wow, I really like these beautiful navigation tabs. The wood grain in the background gives it a nice texture. As you hover over the tabs they turn a transparent blue tint. In combination with the airy, beautiful image below the tabs, it makes for a stunning design.

Source: http://www.blogfullbliss.com