Beautiful Clean Design & Unique Navigation


Beautiful, crisp, rich design here. From the first glance it looks like this page is built on top of a high quality photograph enhanced with some computer graphics but it looks to me like it’s the other way around, the room it self was created in photoshop, just the baby crib, the child and the photographs on the wall are real photos that were pasted on top of CG. I love the navigation. Very nicely done.


Corrugated Board & Sharpie Design


LOL!! It’s a simple looking corrugated board and Sharpie design that makes you want to burst out laughing. If you scroll down, you will realize that this is a professional design firm’s website. The elements on a page are perfectly laid out and are easy to read. The hand-drawn design at the bottom, in the footer is awesome looking.


If I understood the language that this website is in, I’d have a lot easier time navigating through it. But design is sweet looking and pretty entertaining.


Simple And Beautiful Website Design


Here’s a site belongs to Tony Bebber of Denver Colorado based Bebber Design. I love the color scheme he’s using on this site, Brown, Dark Blue and White. The website look so clean, lots of white space, shades of gray here and there. I like how the top of the page has shadows running from the top and then fade into white. The nice navigation buttons at the top are slick looking and little brown section tabs look nice with the reflective effect. The header/logo banner at the top of the page looks very clean and professional. Also check out his Twitter feed bird, that is a funniest looking Twitter bird I’ve seen yet.


FireFox Crashing When Adding Image To WordPress?

This was starting to be really annoying, my FireFox crashing every time I click the button to add an image to the post.  5 days later of trying to ignore the problem I got fed up and Googled it. Easily enough others were experiencing the same thing so a solution was right there for me. Apparently Google is the culprit… again. Google Gears is what is having compatibility issues with WordPress.

If you are experiencing this, your solution is to disable Google Gears.

To do that go to Tools>Add-ons> and disable Google Gears.

I hope this helps.

Portfolio Feature: Spoon Graphics


Today, I’d like to feature a portfolio of a talented designer, Chris Spooner of I’ve featured his work before in a few of by previous posts but here I’d like to draw attention to his portfolio. His skills range from logo design to print, to web design.


One of the jobs he did is these beautiful business cards, in addition to the logo design that he did for this company. Very nice combination of deep color and negative text treatment.


Another piece of his work that I’d like to share is this logo that;s been showing up on various “Top Logos…” lists around the web. It is very clean and vivid for sure. Great job Chris.

Chris Spooner can be reached via his contact form on his website:

490 Killer Designer Resources

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The Most Unique Website Design!


This website was submitted to WDI through the Submit Site button. I receive a lot of websites submitted through there that are good looking but rarely do I get something inspiring and something that really makes me say, “Wow, this one is cool”. is the most unique website design that I’ve seen in a while and it did exactly that, I actually said, “Wow, this one’s cool”, I was very excited to see it. This website is designed to look like a flattened out packaging box. To navigate to the next page you click a link and it will scroll the page right anfd left until it gets to the requested page. I have seen websites that scroll right and left for navigation but this one is different, there is actually a real purpose for scrolling. I love the bright colors used and the graphical elements like the boxy lettering and the logo. The way the website is structured is very unique and it shows the designer’s level of skill and talent.


Here is the whole website, there is only 4 pages but they are done very well. I’m posting this one in the Best websites of 2009! Go take a look and scroll through it to appreciate.