The New Super Theme for WordPress!!!

I have just released my pride and joy, the WordPress Super Theme called MoneyMasters! It is stuffed with all kinds of powerful options like customization of the look and feel, the colors and powerful custom SEO settings for each post.

Watch this video to see what it looks like and how it works:

YouTube Preview Image

See the demo here: Demo

Click here to go there now!

Getting a Deal on Adobe Suite

adobe_logoI’ve been doing a bit of research on getting me the Adobe CS4 Design Premium for the iMac that is in my future and I found out that I could get a nice discount in my situation.

A while ago, I bought Photoshop CS3 from a lady that I found on craigslist. I got it at a good deal, only $200. The other day, while looking at one of the iMacs at BestBuy, the sales guy told me that I could “trade in” my existing Windows Adobe software for credit towards the Mac version. That was great news for me, because I was going to shell out $1799 for the suite.

I called Adobe and asked them about it and they confirmed it. With my Photoshop for Windows, I get a $400 discount.

Soo, I say go out and find some used Adobe software to trade in for a discount.

But beware!!! Make sure the software you buy is genuine and has not been upgraded from. I would actually recommend calling Adobe before you buy with the serial number to make sure they will allow it.

Been a Busy Week


Hey guys and girls, I am sorry for neglecting the blog this week. It’s been super busy with more and more web design jobs coming in. Hopefully I will get some time next week to post some updates.

Lately, I’ve been working on a lot of custom WordPress themes, I find them a lot of fun actually. The more I try to challenge my knowledge of WordPress the more I find out I can do with it. It ‘s an amazing piece of software. Almost anything is possible with this thing, you can make it do so many things using the hooks that are built into WordPress, you just need to tap into them to take control of it. See, there I go, way too exciting. lol, I know I’m such a nerd, someone already told me that. :)

I’ve also been working on a premium WordPress Super Theme that I will be releasing for sale soon. It will beat the socks of any other theme that is available out there. It’s super easy to use and has lots of extra options that you don’t get in a regular “premium” theme. I’ll keep you updated on this as I get ready to launch it.

Until next time,


Thinking About Seriously Going To Be Switching From PC To Mac


I’ve been a PC since 2000 and am very comfortable with it but as the work load increases I find myself fighting with this machine more and more. With having to have Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Outlook, FireFox (with 3 or 4 tabs open), and Pandora running at the same time and juggling between 3 or 4 files in Photoshop the PC I’m on just doesn’t have the muscles to perform.

I’ve used a Mac before and liked the performance but getting used to it is a whole different story. However, what is encouraging is that I’ve been through this kind of switch before on a smaller scale. I switched from IE to FireFox. I’ve dreaded having to do that for a long time before one day making a decision and getting rid of the IE icon from my task bar, replacing it with FireFox. I have not looked back since, FireFox is great! Now I am hoping that the PC to Mac switch will be just as smooth.

I am going to get me one of these new iMacs. I hear that they are pretty good for my kind of work. I know many of you will say I should go with the Mac Pro but those start at $2,500 and I just can’t afford that at this time. Plus I’ll need to buy me a Adobe Master Suite which will be a chink of cash too.

It is exciting and I can’t wait till the day this happens. First I need to get an SUV or a Van, the baby’s on her way and going to be here soon.

I have questions, have you had to switch from PC to Mac? How was the transition? What are the things I should watch out for? I would appreciate any tip. Thanks!

Soft Pastels, Beautiful Website Design


Pastel blues, greens and pinks, excellent layout and attention to detail makes Show & Tell Sale’s website very inviting, even cuddly, very clean and soft. The small edge treatment and the stitching detail at the bottom of the header area adds so much character to the page. The navigation buttons with the arrow marking the current page and the nice mouse-over effects. Make sure to scroll all the way down to check out the footer, it’s very nicely done, the white background ends right before the footer and sits on top of what looks sort of like blurry glass. This website has a perfect inspirational website design.


Another Simple One-Page Site


This one-page website looks like it has multiple pages but actually it’s all one, looks like the content scrolls behind the graphical page template to go to different sections of the page. Also, I want to mention the nice looking design. I think it’s because it has sushi incorporated in it, even though this is an iPhone app site and has nothing to do with sushi. Sushi sites get me every time ;), doesn’t everyone love sushi? Can’t go wrong with that.


Beautiful, Clean, Inspirational Single Page Design


Tanya Merone’s website is definitely inspirational. It sits all on one page and uses the A NAME tags for navigation. The design is very clean, simple and beautiful. I love the simplicity of the some-what narrow column, the nice little navigation buttons at the top and the section separators with the small details like the small arrow at the right side. The light blue floral background is cute and along with the logo, the colors on the website and the photo of Tanya, sets up the simple, professional and easy to work with attitude of the person behind the site.

See Tanya’s site here: Tanya Merone

Make Your Own Photoshop Brushes


Sometimes, while doing a design, I need a certain kind of a brush and after searching around for a while I realized that what I needed I would need to create my self. On that note, here is an awesome tutorial for creating your own Photoshop Brushes. It takes you step by step, and has detailed instructions.

See the tutorial: How to Create Your Own Photoshop Brushes

Huge List Of Great iPhone Apps for Web Designers


Did you get yourself an iPhone yet? If not, you’re behind times and need to catch up. Actually I don’t have one yet either, so don’t feel bad. Do I want one? Well of course I do, I just can’t afford it yet. :( Maybe some day…

But when I do get me one I will be using every one of the apps on the list that Amber sent me a link to. It’s an awesomely huge list of excellent iPhone Apps that every web designer should find very useful.

Apps like Things, that will help you get organized,  or an app like RegEx Cheat Sheet that will help you figure out that complicated regular expression, and I love this one, FTP on the Go, it lets you log into your server via FTP and edit files right from your iPhone.

See the rest of the huge list here: 100 Excellent iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Developers