Huge List Of 395 Web Design Resources

In the past when somebody wanted something they had to really work to get all the information. For instance, if they wanted to learn something new they had to go either to class and learn or to a library which was usually located in the center of the city and find a book on a particular information or topic. Today we have this wonderful thing called the internet and the amazing part about it is that its accessible to everyone almost all the time from the comfort of their home. Many people decided that they will also get a job that they can work from home and one of the jobs is a web designer. Web designers today have tons of resources from which they can choose from and making a list of top 10 things that they can use is going to be hard as it would require a lot of narrowing down, but we will try.

Best 10 web design resources list

We will make a list of some random free resources a web designer can use for a totally free website:

  1. Freebbble: High-quality designs all free on freebbble.
  2. 1001FreeDownloads: Tons of free photos, fonts, wallpapers and more.
  3. NegativeSpace: Free stock photos, the site is easy to navigate and use.
  4. Material Palette: For those that want to explore the color palette of the material they use.

  1. Colorful Gradients. The must-have bookmark as they have color gradients that you can easily use, which are generated by a computer.
  2. Paletton. For those that want to use their own color scheme, this is the website for them.
  3. MaterialUp. If you lack the inspiration this is the site for you.
  4. The Starter Kit. Amazing site for web designers and developers.

  1. Stock Up. The number one stock photo website. Highly recommended.
  2. Font Squirrel. 100% free commercial fonts which are amazing.