11 Best Resources For Writing Explosive Article Headlines & Titles


Your articles’ headlines may be the most important traffic generator on your website. If done correctly they will grab attention and stand out from the other headlines around it. Writing headlines is an art, well actually – a skill, it can be acquired with practice and of course knowledge. You need to learn what goes into a headline to be able to sculpt one and optimize it, in a way.

Here is a list of some of the best resources for writing headlines that I was able to find.

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Hot Cosmo Title Examples

It’s hard to come up with goot catchy titles or headlines when trying to put together a nice piece of content. From reading a lot of blogs online I see that many suggest using the headlines on the cover of the Cosmopolitan magazine as examples. Take the title they have and modify it to apply to your article. Well actually I guess you’re suppose to do this the other way, create a catchy title first and then write the article accordingly. Many cases however, don’t turn out this way. I, many times, already have the article and need to create the title afterwards, so it becomes a bit harder.

Today I went through a handfull of Cosmopolitan magazine covers and picked out these headlines that can be modified to fit your content. Just fill in the blank.



5 Things Never To _____


The ____ That Can Cost You Your _____ 


Feel-good Tricks for Totally _____


What Makes ________


4 Things _____ Keep Private


5 Places ________


6 Instant _____ Boosters


A New Kind Of ________ You Must Know About


16 New ________


50 Ways To Be __________


How To ________ More __________ Every Day


Questions You Must Ask Before: _______


What Even Experienced _____ Forget To Do In ______


Are You Accidentally Making Yourself _________


75 ____ Tricks


The thing Every ____ Needs to _____


What Your _____ Forgot To Tell You About The _______


99 ____ Facts You’ve Never Heard Before


Tricks That Curb Your Urge To _______


7 ____ Truths Every _____ Must Learn


The “Harmless” Habit That ______


9 ____ Lies _____ Tell


Hot New _____ Tricks


10 Shocking Truths About _____