Steve Jobs is gone, but will never be forgotten

As we have moved into the year 2012, we must stop for a moment to think and to consider what we have lost in 2011. It was a year with huge stories full of drama, happiness, revolutions and change, but 2011 also brought us its fair share of tragedy and deaths as well. The most notable losses among them were of Steve Jobs, who revolutionized our modern lives and changed the way we look at technology and business. He died after a long and tiresome battle with pancreatic cancer.

Steve Jobs; a visionary transformer

Steve Jobs single-handedly transformed Apple into a multi-billion dollar revenue generating machine with his blunt and straightforward business ethics while completely changing how an average person listens to his music, uses his cell phone, and works on his computer. He made a long-lasting impact on the global consumer electronic products market with a series of top notch successful products starting with the iPod, the iPhone and finally the iPad. In just about a decade’s time, he dragged Apple from the clutches of total bankruptcy to the world’s # 1 consumer electronic company. Steve’s intelligence, brilliance and passion cannot be replaced anytime soon because the world lost an innovator and a visionary.

Reactions of employees and fans

From Apple’s highly sophisticated headquarters in Silicon Valley to its high tech retail stores (over 357 as of October 2011), employees and fans alike were all greatly taken back by the sad demise of the man they loved. He was lovingly called as just ‘Steve’ by his followers.

Few days after the death of Steve Jobs, the realization started to sink in the hearts of Apple’s sixty thousand plus workforce that he was no longer there with them. Some employees have publicly announced that they will be working extra hours with increased dedication in honor of Steve Jobs because he personified the work ethics and how success can be achieved through complete dedication.

One inventor’s opinion of the other

Even, his long time rival and partner, Bill Gates had nothing, but praise for the man. Bill Gates recently said that Steve’s loss will have a considerable impact on how creativity and inventions are pursued and its impact will be felt for generations to come in the world of technology. He was quoted, “For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it’s been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely…”

Steve Jobs, A role model for many

Similarly, his large legion of fans spread across the globe, considered Steve Jobs as a hero and a larger than life character. His fans were intrigued by his casual personality and lifestyle decisions. There was something really unique about the man, his thinking and the way he presented himself before the public. He was considered as some one with a touch of craziness inside him.

Steve Jobs was an inspiration for many particularly the young generation. In August 2009, Jobs was chosen as the most admired entrepreneur among teenagers. It doesn’t really come as a surprise because he represented energy, passion and the will to take absolutely crazy risks.

How Steve Jobs had an impact on an ordinary person’s life?

In the wake of his death, many of his loyal followers and fans are of the opinion that Steve Jobs should be awarded the Nobel Prize for his efforts and be officially recognized for his success in the world of technology. Steve Jobs did not just change the lives of normal healthy people; he also created all his products with the problems and issues of the disabled in mind. Many of his fans belong from families that have a disabled person with them. It shows how user friendly Apple’s (Steve’s inventions) products were.

Steve’s impact on the IT world

Every new product that Steve Jobs created was an invention by itself and not just an upgrade of a previous model or design. His inventions appealed to the mass market and the public at large. People were dumb founded how for example the iPhone revolutionized the cell phone design. Job’s products are worthy of being placed in a museum not because of it’s age, but rather the ground-breaking effect it had on the technology industry and on the daily lives of people.

Steve Jobs is no longer among us, but his legacy will live on forever. He’s already being called the greatest personality of our modern age and is being compared to inventors like Albert Einstein, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

Written by Frederic, freelance  writer, web blogger and data recovery software consultant.

S.O.P.A. Internet Blackout Strike

It’s been talked about a lot and the time has come to act. January 18th, 2012 marks the largest Internet protest ever, to stop the Internet censorship bills SOPA and PIPA. Raise awareness about these bills by blacking out your website for a day and redirect your visitors to the SOPA Strike web page where they can tell Congress to stop these bills on January 24th when it goes for a vote.

If this bill passes, the Internet as we know it will no longer exist. The blackout is in a way a taste of what the Internet will be like if SOPA passes and they start cracking down and shutting down websites they don’t like.

Join the protest very easily. Add the code below into your website before the tag and it will do the rest. It will enable the protest on the 18th and go back to normal on the 19th. Then you can just remove this code.

<script type="text/javascript">

var a=new Date,b=a.getHours()+a.getTimezoneOffset()/60;
if(18==a.getDate()&&0==a.getMonth()&&2012==a.getFullYear()&&13<=b&&24>=b) { 


If you have a WordPress blog, just add this code to your header.php file right above the tag.

Visit for more information.

Sourcecode planking

It’s never been done before, no geek has gone this far as to plank within the source code. Beat that my geekstas! After seeing David plank in his video I was curious what that was all about. I mean I’ve heard of planking before but never really cared enough to find out more about it as it looked, frankly, pretty stupid.

After Googling it I find out that this “game” has been in effect since 1997, it has simple rules, lay face down, hands and feet straight, in the most unusual place. This thing’s been moving across the globe and it just now has reached me. Although, if I have not came up with this awesome place to plank, I would have probably just let this thing pass right by but this genius idea has stricken me and so there you go.

There should probably be a t-shirt out there somewhere that says “I’ve planked” or some kind of award like that. lol.

Ok, keep planking world. I’ll go check out som cool planks on YouTube.

YouTube, Like Napster, Fading Away, Right Before Our Eyes!

Sad news… On March 12th 2007, Viacom (short for Video & Audio Communications) has filed a lawsuit against YouTube claiming that YouTube allowed it’s users upload and share over a 100,000 videos owned by Viacom. Viacom’s lawsuit seeks $1 BILLION in damages. The word is this whole house of cards may crash as soon as this summer and either way the lawsuit goes, YouTube will not be the same. Just like we’ve seen Napster fade away, YouTube may be facing the same fate. Sad news, YouTube has become a very important part of most people’s life. I hope Google, being the owner of YouTube can come up with something to keep YouTube unchanged but we’ll see what happens.

You can read the official court documents that have been released here:

The 4-Hour Workweek, Expanded & Updated

I finally finished reading all the stuff I had laying around like, FREE – The Future Of A Radical Price (which, I must say, every entrepreneur should read, check out my book review on it), and an issue of Web Designer and a Website Magazine.

Now that loose ends are tied I can start on this new Expanded and Updates edition of The 4-Hour Workweek. I read the first one and found it very useful, read my book review on this one too. If you haven’t read the first one, don’t bother because the second one has the same stuff in it and more, so read this one instead.

I started reading yesterday and am really enjoying it. Will tell you more about it as I read.

And yes, that is the kitchen behind me… my office is in the dining room. :)

Until next time,

~ Valik

Dreamweaver CS4 Can’t Copy & Paste Code


Do you ever feel like big companies sometimes feel like they just don’t care? It’s probably because they really don’t.

Before I spend another couple of grand on the Adobe CS4 Master Collection, I decided to order the 30-day trial version, just to put a 30-day space between me throwing thousands of dollars around. (I’m referring to my recent iMac purchase that I wrote about in the last post in case you didn’t’ read it).

Everything is working great but one thing that I find very annoying is that Dreamweaver CS4 has a problem with copying selections of code. If you go to select a part of the code in Code view it highlights the entire code and copies it instead. Nothing I do seems to help. Some sort of glitch. I thought it was just my computer or something but after Googling it I find that a lot of people are suffering the same issues. As far as I can tell this goes back all the way to March 2009. I just wonder why Adobe has not fixed it yet.

I called Adobe but they don’t want to speak with me about it because I do not have their full version of software. They sent me to fill out a support ticket on their website but on the website they only give you certain things you can submit a support ticket on, based on their record of my purchases in my account. Since I have not purchased the real version, Dreamweaver is not one of the choices available.

Soo, I am thinking, isn’t the trial version there for you  to test the software and then purchase the real thing? So if the trial version does not work – why would someone buy the full version? As a company wouldn’t they want to take care of a potential customer that is one step away from making a purchase?

I am considering buying the CS3 version of the master collection… I know it works, I’ve been using it for a couple of years with no problems.

Man, it’s not like I’m buying a popsicle, this is a 2 thousand dollar purchase, it better work.

If anyone knows about this issue and found a fix, would you please let me know in the comments? Or if you have a similar situation, leave your experiences in the comments too.

Anyways, If you’re interested in becoming a certified specialist in Microsoft MCSE 70-290 or Cisco exam 640-802 then, I’d recommend you to go for practice exams , study guides developed by ExamsExpert.

Till next time,

~ Valik

Bummer On My New iPhone Dream


I hate it when I look forward to something and get too excited about it too soon. A few months ago I called AT&T and asked them when my contract expires with them so I can upgrademy phonw to iPhone… I thought I was told February 2010. Ever since then I’ve been secretly extremely excited about it.

Yesterday while on the phone with an AT&T rep I asked just to make sure which day in February it expires and she said “February? It’s actiually June 22nd”…… …..


“WHAT???” that’s me screaming in my head as my bubble of excitement bursts. Another seven months to wait. I’m goin to go and play with my Razor V3 and try to pretend to enjoy it…

Till next time dudes & dudets.

~ Valik

The Mind Mapping Street: A Copy Cat Solution?


by Giancarlo Gallegos

One of the most difficult task that we face as designers is to be able to generate ideas. Just look around in the internet, the streets, magazines and you will find many design or logos looking very much similar but not quite. Often, I ask myself how much original content is out there? How do I create an original idea? Or, is it possible to create an original idea?

If you are like me, the answer was staring at my face the whole time. I have been using it but did not know what it really is. It is called Mind Mapping. To my surprise, it has been with us for the past four decades. What is mind mapping?

Mind mapping is a graphical way of presenting ideas and concepts. It is a visual thinking tool that helps us structure, analyze, synthesize, recall information and, more so, generate new ideas. Continue reading “The Mind Mapping Street: A Copy Cat Solution?”