Thinking About Seriously Going To Be Switching From PC To Mac


I’ve been a PC since 2000 and am very comfortable with it but as the work load increases I find myself fighting with this machine more and more. With having to have Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Outlook, FireFox (with 3 or 4 tabs open), and Pandora running at the same time and juggling between 3 or 4 files in Photoshop the PC I’m on just doesn’t have the muscles to perform.

I’ve used a Mac before and liked the performance but getting used to it is a whole different story. However, what is encouraging is that I’ve been through this kind of switch before on a smaller scale. I switched from IE to FireFox. I’ve dreaded having to do that for a long time before one day making a decision and getting rid of the IE icon from my task bar, replacing it with FireFox. I have not looked back since, FireFox is great! Now I am hoping that the PC to Mac switch will be just as smooth.

I am going to get me one of these new iMacs. I hear that they are pretty good for my kind of work. I know many of you will say I should go with the Mac Pro but those start at $2,500 and I just can’t afford that at this time. Plus I’ll need to buy me a Adobe Master Suite which will be a chink of cash too.

It is exciting and I can’t wait till the day this happens. First I need to get an SUV or a Van, the baby’s on her way and going to be here soon.

I have questions, have you had to switch from PC to Mac? How was the transition? What are the things I should watch out for? I would appreciate any tip. Thanks!

FireFox Crashing When Adding Image To WordPress?

This was starting to be really annoying, my FireFox crashing every time I click the button to add an image to the post.  5 days later of trying to ignore the problem I got fed up and Googled it. Easily enough others were experiencing the same thing so a solution was right there for me. Apparently Google is the culprit… again. Google Gears is what is having compatibility issues with WordPress.

If you are experiencing this, your solution is to disable Google Gears.

To do that go to Tools>Add-ons> and disable Google Gears.

I hope this helps.

How You Know It’s Time For Twitter To Monetize


This is a rare view… This page only comes up for air but twice or three time per year. It took two web designers two full….. Ok, enought of that.

Looks like Twitter needs more resources. This is the 3rd time I am seeing this page. Is it the lack of finances that prevents them from making Twitter a smooth ride? I believe it is time that they figured out a way to monetize the site and start spending some money on preventing overloads.

How do you think Twitter can monetize the site without users getting bothered by it? Cause you know how irritated we get at the sight of a stray ad… :) – The Facelift…

Very exciting for me, I finally got the new WDI template done. It’s been in planning and construction for about 2 months now and finally it is here. I really like how it turned out and would love to hear some feedback from my readers. Please leave your comments below.

As you may have noticed I have also changed the main domain to instead of the old I have my heart in this blog and want it to succeed and one thing that I didn’t like was the weird domain name that wasn’t really “main stream”, if you will. I tried many times to contact the owner of but he won’t answer my calls or emails. I think .ORG is just fine with us…what do you think? :)

Looking forward to your feedback.


Is DIGG Dead?


Seems to me that DIGG is not what it used to be anymore. It has became a high-rollers club and not as it was intended – a social news engine. No more can a story have a chance to raise from upcoming news to reach the front page.

If you take a look at the upcoming news you will see that very rarely does any story that is submitted gets more than 3 diggs. To get a story up in the ranks on DIGG, now you have to be a part of a team of many “friends” that will DIGG your story when you ask. Does this remind you of SPAM? I know that the stories that are getting Dugg are great stories but the rest of the world that does not have Internet Marketing in their mind when submitting, have no chance.

This is how it seems to me. Tell me what your take on this is.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We at Web Design Ideas would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you for coming back and reading our blog. It has grown a lot in the last year and we plan to make it even better this new year.

Stick around with us in the 2009 for more great Web Design Ideas. If you are not yet subscribed, why not do that? You will conveniently get our posts in your email or in your feed reader. There is a subscription box on the top-right of this webpage.

Let us know how we can make this blog better. We want to inspire you as a web designer to help produce amazing work. Please send us your comments and ideas here.

– Web Design Ideas.

Looking For Guest Writers

I have given this a lot of thought and I think I should explore this a bit. Having guest writers write for Web Design Ideas can bring more diverse articles, different points of view and more regular posting.

So if you are a web or graphic designer, programmer, illustrator or other creative and you have something to share or show that people want to know about, I’m looking for you, read on for details!

What I am looking for?
Here are some ideas for what you can write.

1. Articles with opinions (Can be controversial as long as it’s backed up).
2. Theory articles (for example: “The basics of CSS 3”).
3. An analysis of a design you did. Show the different steps in development of your work and explain why you made the choices you did. (Excellent way to plug one of your portfolio pieces also)
4. List articles (top 10’s, best off and free recourse collections), please do try and make these special.
5. Tutorials and how-to articles.

I’m open to your thoughts, so if you have an idea you think would work well just contact me.

What’s in it for you
While Web Design Ideas Blog is growing I’m not yet at the point where I can pay for articles. What you will get from guest writing is first, a nice amount of traffic to your site.

Every guest writer at Web Design Ideas will get a small bio space below the post where you can introduce yourself and add up to two links. This will lead to some nice returning traffic to your site, especially if your post is high quality and starts getting hit by the social bookmarking sites.

The second thing you get out of guest writing is that you brand yourself as a specialist on the topics you blog about. This is good if you have your own blog, are freelance or if you are looking for a job since you’ll appear more credible.

How to submit
When you’ve written an article just send it to me by mail as text or an attachment. I’ll then get back to you as soon as possible so we can discuss if the article is right for the blog. We’ll then also go over your “about me” text and links. You’re of course also free to contact me first about an idea or concept you have.

Some rules
1. You must blog about something relevant to web design or related subjects or creativity.
2. I reserve the right to re-write things. I’m not looking to re-write whole posts, but I do want a certain minimum quality in writing. This does not mean I will add things or censor, I’m strictly talking about preserving good quality writing.

So go ahead, contact me if you have any questions.