Huge 492 Quality Graphics Kit You Need

As I work on things I create various graphics. Why let all that goodness go to waste? I took some of those designs and expanded on them making them better, adding variations and different colors. This kit of 492 graphics contains a ton of price tag graphics, a couple of price tables, step lines, buttons and all kinds of other eye candy! Continue reading “Huge 492 Quality Graphics Kit You Need”

Instant JavaScript Tab Menu Revealing DIVs Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial or a note on how to make your tabs content display instantly on-click, rather than have to reload the page and send them to a new page. This is really simple and not formatted but illustrates the concept, plus I just wrote it up for one of my friends so it’s perfect to post here for everyone else.

Here is the code:


<!-- ###### Tabs/Links -->

<a href="javascript:void()" onclick="seediv('features')">Features</a>
<a href="javascript:void()" onclick="seediv('prices')">Prices</a>
<a href="javascript:void()" onclick="seediv('demo')">Demo</a>

<!-- ###### Divs Holding Content -->

<div id="features" style="display:block;">
	Features content stuff goes here. 
	Because this is the main div, it will display by default that is why 
	it's display is set to block, so it is visible but others are hidden 
	with display:none;

<div id="prices" style="display:none;">
	Prices content stuff goes here

<div id="demo" style="display:none;">
	Demo content stuff goes here

<script language="javascript">

<!-- ###### JavaScript function to handle the action -- >

function seediv(whichdiv) {

	// ###### Hides all the content DIVs first

	// ###### Then displays only the one that was called




Now take a look at it, you have the navigation at the top, notice the href is using JavaScript to void out the redirect and instead initiating a JavaScript function using the onclick parameter. Each link is passing it’s div id value to the function so it knows which DIV to display.

Second, we have the divs that are holding the content for each of the tabs. Only the main div is set to be visible using style=”display:block;”, the others are set to none, so they are hidden until their tab is clicked.

Thirdly, the JavaScript function. It listens for a call with a value and as soon as it receives that value, it hides all the divs and then only displays the one that has the value that was passed to it.

That’s is. This is a basic concept of a JavaScript instant tabs content displaying… or whatever you would call this.

Do you have a better, or a different way of doing this? I’d love to see it. Please add it in the comments.

Some Inspirational Ecommerce UI Design


Hello Dear Readers,

As I follow various web design and other related bloggers, sometimes I find inspirational pieces that I just have to share and archive for my self. So this time it is a list of inspirational e-commerce user interface design examples from non other than Vandelay Design, 35 Excellent Ecommerce User Interface Designs

You will find some great examples of product and options display, various creative ways to bring a customer to click the Add To Cart button. A few nice ways to display related products. From clean and simple to creative and exciting.

I will be using this list for inspiration the next time I am working on an ecommerce website. Lots of great ideas.

Check out 35 Excellent Ecommerce User Interface Designs and let me know what you think.

As always, thank you for reading my blog.

Until next time,


A Paradise Remodel… Great Graphic Work


A while ago I featured Jannis’ website here for the beautiful, relaxed, paradise design in it’s header. Recently, he redesigned the header and made it even more beautiful with lots more detail and design elements.

Also wanted to mention the navigation bar, it’s pretty simple and yet very nice looking. With the subtle hover effect and nice little icons.

Amazing work Jannis, great job!


Blue & Yellow Sidebar For Color Scheme Inspiration


While visiting some hosting sites for website design ideas and inspiration, I found this one the had a nice blue and yellow combination with a hint of gray colored backgrounds and pale yellow for the navigation hover effect. These colors work really well together and I think I’ll be using this color scheme for my next project. Notice the glossy effect on the buttons too, looks pretty nice and elegant.


Soft Pastels, Beautiful Website Design


Pastel blues, greens and pinks, excellent layout and attention to detail makes Show & Tell Sale’s website very inviting, even cuddly, very clean and soft. The small edge treatment and the stitching detail at the bottom of the header area adds so much character to the page. The navigation buttons with the arrow marking the current page and the nice mouse-over effects. Make sure to scroll all the way down to check out the footer, it’s very nicely done, the white background ends right before the footer and sits on top of what looks sort of like blurry glass. This website has a perfect inspirational website design.


Another Simple One-Page Site


This one-page website looks like it has multiple pages but actually it’s all one, looks like the content scrolls behind the graphical page template to go to different sections of the page. Also, I want to mention the nice looking design. I think it’s because it has sushi incorporated in it, even though this is an iPhone app site and has nothing to do with sushi. Sushi sites get me every time ;), doesn’t everyone love sushi? Can’t go wrong with that.


Beautiful, Clean, Inspirational Single Page Design


Tanya Merone’s website is definitely inspirational. It sits all on one page and uses the A NAME tags for navigation. The design is very clean, simple and beautiful. I love the simplicity of the some-what narrow column, the nice little navigation buttons at the top and the section separators with the small details like the small arrow at the right side. The light blue floral background is cute and along with the logo, the colors on the website and the photo of Tanya, sets up the simple, professional and easy to work with attitude of the person behind the site.

See Tanya’s site here: Tanya Merone

Beautiful Clean Design & Unique Navigation


Beautiful, crisp, rich design here. From the first glance it looks like this page is built on top of a high quality photograph enhanced with some computer graphics but it looks to me like it’s the other way around, the room it self was created in photoshop, just the baby crib, the child and the photographs on the wall are real photos that were pasted on top of CG. I love the navigation. Very nicely done.