Clipped Social Logos/Icons PSD For You Designers!

Every time I go to create a custom social icon set for a website, it takes me a while to find all the source logo images to use, then I have to go and clip them out and that also takes so much more out of my design work time. So today, I am helping out both my self and also all of you designers out there. I created a clipped social logos/icons PSD that can be used to grab the source logo or icon to create your own version with. This is not a super huge collection, just the ones I am using at this time. I may add more to this file later, but for now I think I have most of the popular ones on there.

Click here to download the PSD file.

That’s ok, you don’t have to thank me. I know you appreciate it :)

Until next time.

~ Valik

Some Logos & Graphic I Liked

This is a mini-post with a couple of nice looking logos and an image that have been sitting on my desktop that I needed to file somewhere and so I am uploading them here to the blog for later reference.

Nice looking logo from MEDL Mobile, a software company that creates iPhone apps.

BUMP Technologies is another iPhone App company that created the cool BUMP App. I liked their logo too.

A cool looking icon i found inside my GoDaddy account website.

That’s all I got in this one.

~ Valik

Why Web Designer Magazine’s Top 20 Site Logos List Sucks

While browsing through the Issue 164 of the Web Designer magazine,  I stumbled onto their Top 20 Site Logos list. I was pretty disappointed to see that so many mediocre logos have made it into this list. I am not trying to put down the skills or the design of the logos or the designers of those logos that are in that list, all I am saying is that there are so many much better logos out there that do belong on that list. It almost seems like they just picked random sites and just stuck their logos in there without spending much time on this piece.

Anyways, from their top 20 list, I only saw 3 that were worthy being there and they are:

1. Sheriar Designs


2. Agencia P4


3. Mark Jardine

Until next time,

~ Valik

Awsome Looking Colorful Logo


A nice way to incorporate the wild rainbow of colors while keeping it under control. Here they have a nice thick black¬† border around the colorful text giving it a clean and crisp look. I like the main font and the position and treatment used on the word “design” at the bottom is also very nice. The stars as separators, make the whole logo pop. Very nice.


28 Great Looking Website Logo Ideas

Another compilation of logo designs from websites around the internet for your enjoyment and inspiration. These is a list of 28 great looking logo designs that will spark design and technique ideas. It is amazing how much great talent there is out there.

I also included a logo from my website – – because I am proud of it. :D











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My Web Design Site,, Gets Re-Designed


Yep, it’s never good enough when it comes to my own website. I think this is re-design number 3 or 4. I finally got the logo to look awesome, if I may say so myself. :)

I wanted this design to look clean and simple while bringing more of me onto the homepage, to make it personal. The idea was to make the visitor feel like I was right there, available for them right now. I built in the little “I am available right now” indicator that is powered by Twitter. I can send a tweet from my cell phone and update where I am available at that time – “Twitter” if I am at the computer and available to answer right away, “Cell phone” if I am away from the computer but answering the cell phone or “Email” if I am not available – which is rare.

Most websites have a personal disconnect between the website and the company or the human that represents it, this is why I wanted to make this site’s visitors feel like I am right here sitting and waiting for them to contact me.

I’d love some feedback – comments, criticism, ideas.
Please leave your comments below.



Amazingly Beautiful & Super Efficient Website Design

mightyleaf is going to be filed into the Best Of 2009 category. I can’t stop starring at it… The design of the site as a whole, then the details – photography work is just stunning, the navigation is very clean and efficient, the logo fits perfectly. This website is truly is a piece of art.


Check out the navigation, it sits there quietly, out of the way while you are not using it, then when you need to find something just hover over the main categories buttons at the top and a smorgasbord of choices come popping out, so much to choose from!


Also the sub-navigation buttons placed nicely under the main navigation is another level of choices to pick from. In all, they have eliminated many extra clicks for a visitor, turning many of then from just visitors to customers.


Great Use Of Colors & Textures


The use of colors and textures on this site really shows the attention to detail of this web designer. The header is very exquisite and is done with great precision and skill.


The navigation is pretty cool and is worth a mention, the brown background within the buttons slides over to the button that gets hovered over. Very cool effect and adds to the coolness of the whole site.

Remember to check out the whole picture by going to the website to appreciate the talent.


The Sweater’s On Fire!



LOL, yeah, the background of this website is a knitted pattern and looks like the back of a nice knitted sweater. I actually like the effects added behind the logo and the navigation, it really adds a dimension to the design. The rest of the site looks pretty clean.

They could do a bit more with the logo, this is one thing that always drives me nuts… The logos, although on the web, there still needs to be more time put into the logo. It’s not just about the website design as a big picture, the logo is a project on it’s own and needs to be designed separately from the website.

Having said that, I know my logo here is not all I want it to be and I am going to spend some time developing it soon. :)