Eye Catching Flash Website


When thinking about a completely Flash based website, one (me) thinks, “that’s so early 2000’s”, integrating traditional HTML/CSS with Flash works a lot better and turns out cleaner and takes up less resources. Then, once in a blue moon, you find a site that is done so well that you can’t say much to criticize. Here’s an excellent example of what a real professionally done fully flash website could be. Love it.

Source: aToastToBadTaste.com

Incredible Magazine-Style Designs


For those times when you need some inspiration for a magazine-style website layout, this nice list of 25 incredible examples form Vandelay Design should do the trick. I especially like the 1st one – bmi Voyager, it is really cool looking. Check them out, let me know which one you like the best.

Source: 25 Magazine-Style Layouts for Your Design Inspiration

Unique, Simple & Clean Blog Design


The cleanliness, the amazing use of “white” (shades of gray) space is what caught my eye on this blog design. The bold reds bringing important elements out. This blog design allows the visitor to be able to navigate with ease thanks to it’s simple navigation and pretty standard layout structure.¬† I think this blog’s ease of use approach is the best that I’ve seen in a while.

Source: RoqueAlonso.org

Stunning Fantasy Style Website Design


Wow! This amazing piece of work belongs on a canvas hanging on a wall somewhere with a $3,000 frame around it. The beautiful castle, with the under water workings, the vibrant colors, the detail. It’s just not often you find a design that just grabs your attention, stuns and amazes you that the only thing you can say is Wow! These guys have talent.

Source: CoolBrushDesign.com

Soft Pastels, Beautiful Website Design


Pastel blues, greens and pinks, excellent layout and attention to detail makes Show & Tell Sale’s website very inviting, even cuddly, very clean and soft. The small edge treatment and the stitching detail at the bottom of the header area adds so much character to the page. The navigation buttons with the arrow marking the current page and the nice mouse-over effects. Make sure to scroll all the way down to check out the footer, it’s very nicely done, the white background ends right before the footer and sits on top of what looks sort of like blurry glass. This website has a perfect inspirational website design.

Source: http://www.showandtellsale.com

Another Simple One-Page Site


This one-page website looks like it has multiple pages but actually it’s all one, looks like the content scrolls behind the graphical page template to go to different sections of the page. Also, I want to mention the nice looking design. I think it’s because it has sushi incorporated in it, even though this is an iPhone app site and has nothing to do with sushi. Sushi sites get me every time ;), doesn’t everyone love sushi? Can’t go wrong with that.

Source: http://www.taptaptap.com

Beautiful, Clean, Inspirational Single Page Design


Tanya Merone’s website is definitely inspirational. It sits all on one page and uses the A NAME tags for navigation. The design is very clean, simple and beautiful. I love the simplicity of the some-what narrow column, the nice little navigation buttons at the top and the section separators with the small details like the small arrow at the right side. The light blue floral background is cute and along with the logo, the colors on the website and the photo of Tanya, sets up the simple, professional and easy to work with attitude of the person behind the site.

See Tanya’s site here: Tanya Merone

Beautiful Clean Design & Unique Navigation


Beautiful, crisp, rich design here. From the first glance it looks like this page is built on top of a high quality photograph enhanced with some computer graphics but it looks to me like it’s the other way around, the room it self was created in photoshop, just the baby crib, the child and the photographs on the wall are real photos that were pasted on top of CG. I love the navigation. Very nicely done.

Source: http://www.matrizcomunicacao.com.br