Some Logos & Graphic I Liked

This is a mini-post with a couple of nice looking logos and an image that have been sitting on my desktop that I needed to file somewhere and so I am uploading them here to the blog for later reference.

Nice looking logo from MEDL Mobile, a software company that creates iPhone apps.

BUMP Technologies is another iPhone App company that created the cool BUMP App. I liked their logo too.

A cool looking icon i found inside my GoDaddy account website.

That’s all I got in this one.

~ Valik

Orange and Black, The New Red

LOL, maybe orange and black, the new red is a bit pushing it but this orange and black design looks pretty nice. The detail in this website’s design caught my attention right away, I think it was the header background at first, then the nice sliding gizmo below the header, the subtle navigation and finally the little glossy orange icons at the top right.

In the shot above take a look at the nice pattern background and then the navigation area. These 2 parts of the site I really like. The navigation buttons are black on black and yet you see the subtle separation thanks to the shadow effects.

And in this screen shot, at the top right, the nice orange glossy icons… I thought they were really nicely done.

Check out the whole site at

Highly Detailed Icon Design Tutorials!


Aah, got to love them quality icons. And those are not easy to make, but here is a nice list of 40 Tutorials for creating Highly Detailed Icon Designs. It was compiled by Chris Spooner at

Very nice list Chris, we appreciate it!!

Read it here: 40 Tutorials for creating Highly Detailed Icon Designs

Colorful And Fun Logo & Button Treatment


Here’s a cute and fun little logo, that being said, note the effects that are implemented into the logo to make it look so good. First off, the shades of green and orange color gradient, respectfully, applied to the text it self, the perspective set on the cubes and the letters to make them kinda look 3D, then you have the reflection effect below the blocks. Details is what makes our world beautiful.


Down lower on the same site you will find these cool looking buttons. I just wanted to say a few things about them because they stood out to me. Now that I look at them closer I can’t really tell if the icons used on them are from a stock icons set or a few different sets but it looks to me like they could match the style a bit better. Other than that, I like how they stand out, I think it’s the combination of nice gray border with the faint gray tinted star burst in the background that adds contrast to the button and then the glossy effect on the icons brings in the whole button out.


Buy Layered Photoshop Files Or Sell Your Own Creations


I just heard GraphicRiver just launched … the website is a marketplace that provides a way for you to buy graphics, layered Photoshop files, vector graphics, icons and more. This is a great service for web designers, don’t have to spend a bunch of time trying to design things from scratch, now you can get something that already looks good and customize it a bit in Photoshop or Illustrator and it is yours.

The other cool part of GraphicRiver is if you are an artist you can actually sell your own art here and get paid about 40% to 70% of whatever it sells for.

I’m going to check it out.


Huge Collection Of Icon Design Tutorials


Posted on the Six Revisions blog, the 50 Excellent Icon Design Tutorials. That’s enough to keep you busy for weeks. Very good quality tutorials there so make sure you check them out.

Here’s a few I really liked:

Juicy RSS Feed Icon

Delicious Chinese Food Icon

Glossy RSS icon

Vector Film Slate Icon

Free Beautiful Set Of Icons

Beautiful Set Of Icons

Beautiful Set Of Icons

Found some beautiful icon sets over at Sebastiaan de With’s, website. The praticulat set that I am talking about is called Hyperion. It is a vast set of icons created for full customization. It contains 95 crisp icons, with regular 3D and Mac OS X Leopard-style ‘badged’ versions.

Click here to get yours:

RSS Icon Collections


Found these neat looking RSS icons today while looking for some icons that weren’t just run of the mill. In particular, I like the round ones of the first line the best. I don’t have a particular reason as to why I like them the best other than to say that round RSS buttons don’t seem to be used as much as other designs. I also like the gray colored ones.

Anyhow, check them all out. If you find one you like, grab it…it’s FREE! :)

Free Function Icon Set

Free Icons

Function Web Design & Development has released a FREE group of 128 nice looking icons. There are some pretty nice looking icons in their set. They also included icons for quite a few of the popular social media sites too. Anyhow, check them out and use them if you like them! FREE is a great price, isn’t it? :)

Have a great weekend!!!!