Orange and Black, The New Red

LOL, maybe orange and black, the new red is a bit pushing it but this orange and black design looks pretty nice. The detail in this website’s design caught my attention right away, I think it was the header background at first, then the nice sliding gizmo below the header, the subtle navigation and finally the little glossy orange icons at the top right.

In the shot above take a look at the nice pattern background and then the navigation area. These 2 parts of the site I really like. The navigation buttons are black on black and yet you see the subtle separation thanks to the shadow effects.

And in this screen shot, at the top right, the nice orange glossy icons… I thought they were really nicely done.

Check out the whole site at

A Paradise Remodel… Great Graphic Work


A while ago I featured Jannis’ website here for the beautiful, relaxed, paradise design in it’s header. Recently, he redesigned the header and made it even more beautiful with lots more detail and design elements.

Also wanted to mention the navigation bar, it’s pretty simple and yet very nice looking. With the subtle hover effect and nice little icons.

Amazing work Jannis, great job!


Corrugated Board & Sharpie Design


LOL!! It’s a simple looking corrugated board and Sharpie design that makes you want to burst out laughing. If you scroll down, you will realize that this is a professional design firm’s website. The elements on a page are perfectly laid out and are easy to read. The hand-drawn design at the bottom, in the footer is awesome looking.


If I understood the language that this website is in, I’d have a lot easier time navigating through it. But design is sweet looking and pretty entertaining.


Beautiful, Clean Website Design & An Awesome Tool


First about the website it self, it is very clean and organized. plenty of “white space” to make everything easy to read and see. Cool concept on the header illustrating what they do. Simple design for the body of the page and a nice clean footer. I like this because it is very easy to look at and you can tell what the purpose of the site is and what they do within seconds of arriving.

The service this website offers is pretty cool, as the name says, they stitch multiple feeds together into one feed organized chronologically.


The administration area is still kind of clunky. When you make a change or an update you need to refresh the page to see the changes. Looks like it uses AJAX to update everything but it does not refresh the results after for some reason.

Once you get over the technical issues on the admin side the feed works excellent and can be used just fine. I say this is an awesome tool and hope they fix the admin side issues soon.


Sweet Redesign of Weberica


I’ve featured Weberica here before with their original design (above), and yesterday I found out that they have redesigned the site and below is what it looks like.


If you look at the new design without knowing what it looked like before, I think it looks awesome, some new styles, a little on the grunge side with some elegant elements. I like the rough water color background up at the header area.

Personally, I think I liked the old design a little better. In my opinion (and I know, opinions are like arm pits – everyone’s got two), elegant looking website design always wins over grunge style. Especially when a website’s identity, look has been established with an elegant and clean design and then it changes to a grunge, modern look.

Bottom line, I like both designs, old and new but if I had to choose which one the site looks better with, I’d say the old one.


Awesome Way To Display Your Portfolio Using jQuery


As web designers we strive to amaze potential clients with our work and one of the ways to do that is to have a stunning portfolio. We find new ways to hook the visitor, to make him or her remember our site over everyone else.

I’ve seen sliders on portfolio sites before but have never seen one that has been flipped on it’s side and split into four and set on an offset timer. This is pretty cool to look at.

You will notice that this site I am showing here is using Flash to make the cubes flip but after digging around a bit I found a jQuery module that can be used to do the same thing. Check it out here: Easy Slider, you can see the example here: Easy Slider jQuery Plugin Demo. This module will only make one block so to make the same effect like in the site above you will need to stack four of these modules together and time them just right.


Great Use Of Colors & Textures


The use of colors and textures on this site really shows the attention to detail of this web designer. The header is very exquisite and is done with great precision and skill.


The navigation is pretty cool and is worth a mention, the brown background within the buttons slides over to the button that gets hovered over. Very cool effect and adds to the coolness of the whole site.

Remember to check out the whole picture by going to the website to appreciate the talent.


Fun Web Agency Site, Great Use Of Flash


How do cows and milking them links to being a web agency I have no idea but the fact that the site looks awesome there is no question. The site consists of simple colors, large fonts, lots of white space & flash animated elements and makes for a web 2.0 feel.


Another Awesome Looking Scene Header


Imagination enhanced photos look amazing. Here, on this one it is used as a website header, a beautiful grassy scene with planted ancient nuclear power plant cooling stacks. The shades of green look beautiful on the deep dark greenish-blue background. Very nice illustration.


Elaborate Green Header With Nice Pattern Background


So much to look at, I don’t know where to start. The logo area and the navigation is sitting atop of a nice stripey pattern that flows through out the page. The logo it self is carrying through the stripes. Simple text navigation links look really good inside this stripe. I like the jagged borders which are suppose to be the ripped edges of the green pattern area, it really looks great.


The tiny detailed green pattern is awesome, especially with the lighting effect around the logo area, adding dimension to the header.