Corrugated Board & Sharpie Design


LOL!! It’s a simple looking corrugated board and Sharpie design that makes you want to burst out laughing. If you scroll down, you will realize that this is a professional design firm’s website. The elements on a page are perfectly laid out and are easy to read. The hand-drawn design at the bottom, in the footer is awesome looking.


If I understood the language that this website is in, I’d have a lot easier time navigating through it. But design is sweet looking and pretty entertaining.


Bunny, Fishes & An Octopus, Makes A Good Footer Design


Weird but true… This looks like a nice footer. A mash of random things, items, a little design sense and you’ve got your self a sweet design. It doesn’t always have to make sense, it just needs to please the eye.


Whitestone Design Werks Beautiful Design

I have met Russell Heistuman at a local Marketers Meeting, he’s a skilled graphic designer with over 20 years under his belt. His company website’s design looks amazing, so elegant and professional, it is a real inspiration piece. All though the entire website is worth taking notes on, I’d like to feature the header and the footer, because they are the two elements that really stand out for me.


Russell is all about identity and on his website, it follows through. The website look reflects the look of the business card that I got from him. The logo is awesome, form the faint gray background, Spirograph design with a colorful 8 point star in the middle, to the transparent box to the top-right with the company name inside. That Spirograph design in the background, although subtle, really adds depth to the design.


The other element I really like is the footer. Again, the design follows through, the Spirograph part of the logo with the colorful star is set on the bottom-right this time to balance out the page design. The colors, the fonts, it all works together to bring forth this beautiful design.

Awesome website Russell!


P.S. Thanks to Anrkist for pointing out what that Spirograph design is called. I knew there had to be a name for it but really didn’t know what to call it.

7 Good Footer Design Ideas

When it comes to footers, for some reason I have a hard time finding any good ones. It’s like by the time the web designers get to the footer they are burned out and do not spend as much time on it.

Here is a few that I did find.
yodiv (before)
rodrigovarandas (now)

Can you think of any other ones that are good? If you ever stumble on a good footer design, please submit it to WDI, we’d love to see it.

Great Retro Rusty Navigation Design

Blue Moon Rusty Navigation

This is a cool looking little navigation, the rusty blue stripe on the brick wall background gives a cozy feeling of an old building which I assume is the image of the wall of the restaurant. The white  lettering  with a hint of blue paint over spray/smudges or white paint chipping off effect looks good.

The retro looking logo is awesome too, looks like it is from the 1950s or so. The peeling and chipping paint effects make it fit the design very well.

Blue Moon Footer

I also looked at the footer of this website and it looks nice so I wanted to show it too. Very clean look, torn edges, beige paper, piece of tape holding it to the wall. I love the combination of the blue and the beige colors with the gray lines on it. Looks very nice.


Using Organic Textures For Natural Separation


Grass and earth seems to be a texture or theme that is widely spread across website designs on the web. Especially this kind, where it is cut in for a view from the side. It gives a good separation between the header and body in a natural way. The sky above and then grass which sits in dark soil. It all flows and is naturally separated by the color.

This is off the topic but I had to note it, this website has a very large footer. I have not seen any this tall before. I guess if you have a lot to say you do what you can and in this case the footer talks about Tyrant, what it is and how it came about.

“Ideally, Tyrant runs (via mongrel) on a development server with multiple user directories that contain SVN working directories with Rails applications. Upon startup, these applications are listed in a user’s dashboard and Tyrant provides the interface to start and stop each one. The configuration settings dictate the available port range, and as a new application is started it will grab the next one available.”

Then in the next section some more development tools and plugins and finally at the bottom you have the company slogan with a picture of a dead rat’s head or something, I still have not been able to figure out what that is.