Going Beyond Arial – Web Fonts Choices Just Got Awesome!

Wow, it’s about time! I mean don’t get me wrong, I really like the Arial font, it is very readable and can be used in both, professional and fancy projects but sometimes having to create a graphic for a fancy header is pretty inconvenient.

Now, finally, we don’t have to do that, thanks to who else? Google of course! They’ve released a font bank that you can CSS link to and use a font that is not installed on the user’s computers. It couldn’t be easier either, you pick a font from the not-so-big-yet Google Font Directory, get the link code add it into your page and it’s done. I am hoping that as this gets more and more popular, they will keep adding fonts to their collection.

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Another Font Resource

30 fonts

While looking for some interesting fonts, I came across this article at myinkblog.com that highlighted 30 free fonts. The list contains some really good fonts. In particular, I liked Bleeding Cowboys and Birth of a Hero. The slight “grunge” effect that Birth of a Hero has to it is really nice. I could see it being useful on many newer style websites.

Check out the list! I’m sure you’ll find something useful there too.

Free Fonts


I was looking for some interesting handwriting fonts today. I was successful in my quest due to finding a nice little website called SimplytheBest Fonts. They have an unbelievable amount of FREE fonts available on their website. They are all nicely categorized and simple to find. I was able to go right to a great collection of handwriting fonts without any difficulty.

So, if you’re looking for a particular style of font for an upcoming project or if you just like to find a quirky new font, I’d recommend that you visit SimplytheBest Fonts.

Fun Font


This one made me smile. I wonder how much time was spent trying to capture the necessary letters out of the soup? Has anyone seen the “Alphabet Soup” font replicated on a website? If you have, please let me know. I’d like to check it out and feature it here.

Clever Use of Flash and Typography

flash font

Okay, this is a fun one to play with when you have a couple moments. Dan Gries at Dangries.com has put together what is best described as a flash inversion. Better yet, it’s a triple flash inversion. It’s very creative and engaging for visitors to the site. Something to think about as designers…what are you doing to engage visitors?

Great Tutorial for Creating “Grassy” Text


PSDTuts put out a tutorial last month detailing how to create text that looks like a well manicured lawn. The tutorial is very detailed so that even rookies like me are able to complete this task. I’m sure that advanced PS users will be able to breeze right through this tutorial. However, it’s a great tool to have available…especially in today’s “green” mindset. So…just keep this tutorial in the back of your mind (or bookmarked) for future reference.

Another Great Resource for Fonts


DaFont.com has some really good fonts available. Registration is free on their site too. Most of the fonts are free, some are restricted to personal use and other fonts as for a donation to the author of the font. The fonts are broken down into 9 major categories that contain about 60 sub-categories. So, when you’re hunting for a font that works well on a particular project, I’d suggest checking out DaFont.com’s site. While looking through their site briefly, I found quite a few that I liked and would use.