Is HTML5 Really Going To Replace Flash? Proof Is Here!

Well for most of the practical uses, according to Apple, it just might. A new section on the Apple’s website dedicated specifically to HTML5 and the proof that “we” don’t really need Flash anymore. When I read about this first in a WebDesigner magazine, and even heard about this earlier, I thought it was just talk and propaganda Jobs was throwing around because he did not like Flash for some personal reasons, but after checking out what they’ve built and seen with my own eyes what can be done without Flash I could not believe my eyes.

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Eye Catching Flash Website


When thinking about a completely Flash based website, one (me) thinks, “that’s so early 2000’s”, integrating traditional HTML/CSS with Flash works a lot better and turns out cleaner and takes up less resources. Then, once in a blue moon, you find a site that is done so well that you can’t say much to criticize. Here’s an excellent example of what a real professionally done fully flash website could be. Love it.


Fun Web Agency Site, Great Use Of Flash


How do cows and milking them links to being a web agency I have no idea but the fact that the site looks awesome there is no question. The site consists of simple colors, large fonts, lots of white space & flash animated elements and makes for a web 2.0 feel.


Stunning Flash Design


The colors and the effects are just amazing! When you go to this site choose the FLASH version and you will be knocked off your chair by the killer effects in this website’s Flash piece. Talent and skills that’s what it represents. This website just by it self is an awesome testament for this design studio.


Papervision3D: Great For Cartoon Style Websites


While web design technology gets more and more complicated with all the different plugins and various scripting languages, the look of the websites gets cleaner, more organized and easier to look at and use. This is what everyone expects to see on the web.

One of the technologies that I am watching is Papervision3D. When I first heard about it, and wrote about it here (3D Web Technology – Where is it heading and how useful is it today?), it was still just starting out. The websites that used it looked like they escaped from the early 90’s but now attempted to develop a 3D effects.

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Use Of Physics In Flash



This website was submitted to us this weekend and I thought it was pretty cool.

“It uses math and XML to allow for the creation of a beautifully designed immersive environment.”

The gray colors with white and a hint of bright green look really good in this unique annimation.

I was trying to find a good tutorial for using physics in Flash and I did find this one, it’s a tutorial on creating a wave motion that is controlled with the movement of the mouse.

Tutorial Source: