Pink Overload, Lots Of Web 2.0 & Amazing

It’s been getting a lot better recently with the site submitting thing I have up at the top of the blog. Quiet a few really nice looking designs have been coming in through it. Here is a great example of the quality of sites being submitted.

This one comes from Marcello Manso, a form tool site. Lots of pink… I could have never imagined what a decent looking, all-pink, site could look like, but this one goes beyond that… I really like the different shades of pink used and a nice contrast of the white text. The Web 2.0 style large text and logo, the subtle¬† shining rays behind the logo and of course the large cartoon chef.

Looking really good!


Blue & Yellow Sidebar For Color Scheme Inspiration


While visiting some hosting sites for website design ideas and inspiration, I found this one the had a nice blue and yellow combination with a hint of gray colored backgrounds and pale yellow for the navigation hover effect. These colors work really well together and I think I’ll be using this color scheme for my next project. Notice the glossy effect on the buttons too, looks pretty nice and elegant.


Simple And Beautiful Website Design


Here’s a site belongs to Tony Bebber of Denver Colorado based Bebber Design. I love the color scheme he’s using on this site, Brown, Dark Blue and White. The website look so clean, lots of white space, shades of gray here and there. I like how the top of the page has shadows running from the top and then fade into white. The nice navigation buttons at the top are slick looking and little brown section tabs look nice with the reflective effect. The header/logo banner at the top of the page looks very clean and professional. Also check out his Twitter feed bird, that is a funniest looking Twitter bird I’ve seen yet.


Color, Font & Photograph Makes It Beautiful and Elegant


If you examine this website you will find that really there are 3 major elements that make this website look so elegant and beautiful, they are color, font and photograph. The deep dark shades of red create a sort of romantic atmosphere and the font used here give it an elegant and sophisticated feel. The crisp photographs in the slide show show the areas in the club which is also staged in a sophisticated style which supports the entire look and feel of the website.


Notice the navigation hover buttons, as you hover the mouse over the navigation links, beautiful buttons appear behind the text. I like it that it’s not just a plain or a rounded corners rectangle but a nice classic shape that matches the rest of the site.deep


Great Use Of Colors & Textures


The use of colors and textures on this site really shows the attention to detail of this web designer. The header is very exquisite and is done with great precision and skill.


The navigation is pretty cool and is worth a mention, the brown background within the buttons slides over to the button that gets hovered over. Very cool effect and adds to the coolness of the whole site.

Remember to check out the whole picture by going to the website to appreciate the talent.


Cool Black & White Website Design


Calm combination of grays and black colors look on this web design portfolio of Justin Wagner. As you hover over the various elements on the page they come to life by lighting up with color. Various textures and lighting effects add to the beautiful design.


Green, Green, More Green & Red, Nice Navigation Squares


Very, very green design, all green, with a hint of red… amazingly this whole thing actually looks good. Utilizing various shades and gradients of the color green, the separation between sections and different elements on the site are pretty easily distinguished. I like the main navigation at the top – the large green squares with a drop shadow. They turn red as you hover over them. Looks really bold. Overall, I like the design.


Whitestone Design Werks Beautiful Design

I have met Russell Heistuman at a local Marketers Meeting, he’s a skilled graphic designer with over 20 years under his belt. His company website’s design looks amazing, so elegant and professional, it is a real inspiration piece. All though the entire website is worth taking notes on, I’d like to feature the header and the footer, because they are the two elements that really stand out for me.


Russell is all about identity and on his website, it follows through. The website look reflects the look of the business card that I got from him. The logo is awesome, form the faint gray background, Spirograph design with a colorful 8 point star in the middle, to the transparent box to the top-right with the company name inside. That Spirograph design in the background, although subtle, really adds depth to the design.


The other element I really like is the footer. Again, the design follows through, the Spirograph part of the logo with the colorful star is set on the bottom-right this time to balance out the page design. The colors, the fonts, it all works together to bring forth this beautiful design.

Awesome website Russell!


P.S. Thanks to Anrkist for pointing out what that Spirograph design is called. I knew there had to be a name for it but really didn’t know what to call it.

Beautiful Nautical Design


Blue is considered to be a color of rest, calm, relaxation, the thought that comes to mind when I think of blue is sea, beautiful beach with clear blue ocean water and beautiful blue sky… Man, I really need a vacation…

Anyway, EgoNautica, this site’s design is great. I love how they worked the photo of a yacht, resting in the clear blue water with blue sky in the background, into this website. All the rest of the elements are designed around that concept, light blue gradients, transparent effects. Take a look at the navigation buttons, and the custom form block above.