Double-Layer Background Tiles, Beautiful Wave Background

Sometimes having a double-layer image background is required, whether it be to easily change one part of the background or for some other reason… Honestly, I have not figured out why exactly they did it this way but I do like the background a lot and to see that it’s a tiled background… that’s pretty cool. If anyone finds why this is done this way, please let us know.

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Orange and Black, The New Red

LOL, maybe orange and black, the new red is a bit pushing it but this orange and black design looks pretty nice. The detail in this website’s design caught my attention right away, I think it was the header background at first, then the nice sliding gizmo below the header, the subtle navigation and finally the little glossy orange icons at the top right.

In the shot above take a look at the nice pattern background and then the navigation area. These 2 parts of the site I really like. The navigation buttons are black on black and yet you see the subtle separation thanks to the shadow effects.

And in this screen shot, at the top right, the nice orange glossy icons… I thought they were really nicely done.

Check out the whole site at

Beautiful, Clean, Inspirational Single Page Design


Tanya Merone’s website is definitely inspirational. It sits all on one page and uses the A NAME tags for navigation. The design is very clean, simple and beautiful. I love the simplicity of the some-what narrow column, the nice little navigation buttons at the top and the section separators with the small details like the small arrow at the right side. The light blue floral background is cute and along with the logo, the colors on the website and the photo of Tanya, sets up the simple, professional and easy to work with attitude of the person behind the site.

See Tanya’s site here: Tanya Merone

Great Use Of Colors & Textures


The use of colors and textures on this site really shows the attention to detail of this web designer. The header is very exquisite and is done with great precision and skill.


The navigation is pretty cool and is worth a mention, the brown background within the buttons slides over to the button that gets hovered over. Very cool effect and adds to the coolness of the whole site.

Remember to check out the whole picture by going to the website to appreciate the talent.


Elaborate Green Header With Nice Pattern Background


So much to look at, I don’t know where to start. The logo area and the navigation is sitting atop of a nice stripey pattern that flows through out the page. The logo it self is carrying through the stripes. Simple text navigation links look really good inside this stripe. I like the jagged borders which are suppose to be the ripped edges of the green pattern area, it really looks great.


The tiny detailed green pattern is awesome, especially with the lighting effect around the logo area, adding dimension to the header.


Bold Header Treatment, Deep Red


Not sure what I think about this one but the positive overweight the negative thoughts. I like the way it looks overall, the way the red pattern ties into the rest of the design and how it works with the grays. the gradient from red to darker red really adds depth. What I would have done differently though is probably make the red a bit smaller, I mean shorter, maybe half way… OR just add some text into the red to balance it out.

I also like the logo, a t-shirt tag. Very clever.


The Powerful Water Element


Water is really a nice element to play with and this applies to all websites.

This website at Getmefast caught my attention because of the soothing and calm colors mainly due to its theme. For me, it is very relaxing to view the website with all the hues of blue in it. The header is also very catchy with two cartoon characters riding a boat which complements the water element that governs the site.

What I like best about this website is on how the color fades from dark to light as it reaches the top. The fun fonts also complemented the theme. It somehow reminds me of fun cartoons.

Big Sweater Design, LOL!


Sweater for a website background? That’s got to be the first one I’ve ever seen. Vincent Maglione of Big Sweater Graphic Design had an old sweater that was hanging around and so he decided to put it to good use. Very unique, I’ve got to say. I also like the tag looking design of the page.


The World’s Largest Texture Collection

The Wold’s Largest Texture Collection

Wow, this really is a huge collection of textures. There is well over 1500 choices of brick textures and over 1000 metal surface textures. I am bookmarking this one.


Ever wonder what these textures can be used for?


Well here you can see just a taste: