Awesome Way To Display Your Portfolio Using jQuery

As web designers, we strive to amaze potential clients with our work and one of the ways to do that is to have a stunning portfolio. The way we attract new potential clients is both something that has to be respected and yet it is also something that needs more daring moves. For instance doing something completely unorthodox might be considered a bold move but a wrong one in certain circumstance, but on the other hand, it might lead to a new wave of clients that were looking for that exact thing that you made. Designers find new ways to hook the visitor, to make him or her remember the site over every other one is the main goal of a successful web designer. The charm of every designer is that they have their own unique way of implementing things into their work. The site they are working on will be on one hand unique but on the other hand it has to be a clean and cut picture of what they can do, a sort of their representation.

I’ve seen sliders on portfolio sites before but have never seen one that has been flipped on its side and split into four and set on an offset timer. This is pretty cool to look at. So take into account that not only will this new style be fresh but it will also attract new people that have not seen such a thing before on a site.The more the site is interactive and intuitive the better user experience can be expected from the visitor.

You will notice that this site I am showing here is using Flash to make the cubes flip but after digging around a bit I found a jQuery module that can be used to do the same thing. Check it out here: Easy Slider, you can see the example here: Easy Slider jQuery Plugin Demo. This module will only make one block so to make the same effect like in the site above you will need to stack four of these modules together and time them just right.

If you find this jQuery amazing take a look at our other blog posts as we constantly share new and awesome things on our website. The designs alone should be worth the watch, and make sure to leave some feedback on everything you find helpful.