Adding Custom HTML Box To My Facebook Page

In the previous post I wrote about adding a custom HTML box to my Facebook Profile, today I will talk about adding  a custom HTML box to my Facebook Pages. I spent hours trying to figure out how this is done and realized after a while that Facebook is still having lots of navigation and usability issues. The navigation between the main Profile area and other elements of Facebook are not linked very well, at least no very intuitive and easy to get lost. Once you get something to work it is hard to find out how you did it and to replicate it.

After hours of surfing the help pages and forums I finally found some patterns and figured out how certain things are done.

Adding a custom HTML box to your Facebook Pages requires a different procedure and a separate Application from what was used in the previous post so to add an HTML box to Facebook Pages (not Facebook Profile) follow these instructions.

This is how you get to your Facebook Pages.




While logged into Facebook look at the bottom left corner of the window, there is a gray tool bar there. The first button on the left says Applications. The next icon to the right is Ads and Pages, click on it.


On the top, to the left of the green “Create an Ad” button click Pages.

Adding the Application to the Page.

The Application is called My Profile Box.
Here click on Edit Page right under the page name.

On this page you will see a list of things including Applications. Scroll to the bottom and click the little pencil icon where it says “More Applications” and click “Browse More”.

Up in the Search Applications box, search for “My Profile Box”.
It’s going to be about the middle of the page, with a brown box for an icon. Click on it.

Click Add To Page and follow the prompts to allow this Application to install.

Once you are at the place where you enter the HTML code, enter this <a href=>Your Name’s Website</a> (replace yourdomain with Your domain and Your Name with your name) and click Update.