Best Email Confirmation Page Message

This must be the best email confirmation page message that I have ever seen. It’s not the regular one I am used to seeing, this one actually got me to read the info on it. Very clever. This and the Error 404 pages, when designed in a clever way and actually treated as a useful tool can produce a lot more results and may even capture more sales as a result.

Take a look at this screen capture, this is what I got today after filling out a form on a landing page. I am not used to seeing this and because it was so unusual, I actually read it. Had this message have had an up-sell or some other important information other than to tell me to confirm my email, it would definitely get through.


So the lesson from this is, pay attention to small details, like confirmation messages and 404 pages. If designed correctly, they can bring extra customers.

So let’s take a look at exactly what it is that made me stop and read this page.

First of all, the image of the guy signaling me to stop. This is a psychological trigger that people react to. This plus the headline that says “Wait One Little Second…”. The headline with the image stopped me in my tracks.

In the next few lines I find out that there is bad news and good news. That peaks my curiosity and makes me want to keep reading.

Then I see Step 1 and Step 2 in bold font, that tells me there is a solution to the “bad news”. Of course after I start reading this I already know that they just want to make sure I confirm my email and this is where I stop reading.

It is a big problem with the email list building, lots and lots of people go without getting the material they wanted to get even after entering their email into the form, because they miss the instructions on the confirmation notice page, usually because it is so boring and not interesting to read.

This small design change to the usual email confirmation text we are all used to seeing will help get more email confirmations, because unlike me, someone that is not used to having to confirm their email after filling out the form, they wouldn’t actually read this page and know that they need to do that to get the materials they requested.

Small things are important when it comes to how humans behave and react to things on web pages. You want your visitors to do something or take some kind of action? Spend some time on the page that delivers the message and make the message interesting and clear.

Author: Valik Rudd

Valik (Valiik) Rudd is an Internet entrepreneur. He develops new online businesses and creates new websites. His other passion is writing about the those things. Web Design Ideas blog is the outlet through which his ideas and web design tricks and tips get recorded and shared with others.

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