Create A Quick Dashed Line In Photoshop

Every time I need a dashed line I have to create one from scratch and it really makes me mad, every time, that there is not a quick way to do this in Photoshop. Today, I found a way! Here is how to get a quick perfect dashed line every time you need it.

Open a new window and use the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) to select a rectangle about as wide as you need your dashed line to be. Then screen capture this. It will capture the running ants selection rectangle showing a nice dashed line rectangle.

Open the new screen capture image in Photoshop. Go to Channels and R-Click on the RGB Channel so it selects the dashed rectangle.

Reverse the selection by going to Select > Inverse. Now use a brush to draw over the selection.

Hide the original layer and you should now have an isolated dashed-line rectangle. Select the part you need and paste it into your project.

You now have a quick way to create dashed lines when you need them.

Do you know a better or quicker way to do this? Please share in the comments.


Author: Valik Rudd

Valik (Valiik) Rudd is an Internet entrepreneur. He develops new online businesses and creates new websites. His other passion is writing about the those things. Web Design Ideas blog is the outlet through which his ideas and web design tricks and tips get recorded and shared with others.

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