Steve Jobs is gone, but will never be forgotten

As we have moved into the year 2012, we must stop for a moment to think and to consider what we have lost in 2011. It was a year with huge stories full of drama, happiness, revolutions and change, but 2011 also brought us its fair share of tragedy and deaths as well. The most notable losses among them were of Steve Jobs, who revolutionized our modern lives and changed the way we look at technology and business. He died after a long and tiresome battle with pancreatic cancer.

Steve Jobs; a visionary transformer

Steve Jobs single-handedly transformed Apple into a multi-billion dollar revenue generating machine with his blunt and straightforward business ethics while completely changing how an average person listens to his music, uses his cell phone, and works on his computer. He made a long-lasting impact on the global consumer electronic products market with a series of top notch successful products starting with the iPod, the iPhone and finally the iPad. In just about a decade’s time, he dragged Apple from the clutches of total bankruptcy to the world’s # 1 consumer electronic company. Steve’s intelligence, brilliance and passion cannot be replaced anytime soon because the world lost an innovator and a visionary.

Reactions of employees and fans

From Apple’s highly sophisticated headquarters in Silicon Valley to its high tech retail stores (over 357 as of October 2011), employees and fans alike were all greatly taken back by the sad demise of the man they loved. He was lovingly called as just ‘Steve’ by his followers.

Few days after the death of Steve Jobs, the realization started to sink in the hearts of Apple’s sixty thousand plus workforce that he was no longer there with them. Some employees have publicly announced that they will be working extra hours with increased dedication in honor of Steve Jobs because he personified the work ethics and how success can be achieved through complete dedication.

One inventor’s opinion of the other

Even, his long time rival and partner, Bill Gates had nothing, but praise for the man. Bill Gates recently said that Steve’s loss will have a considerable impact on how creativity and inventions are pursued and its impact will be felt for generations to come in the world of technology. He was quoted, “For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it’s been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely…”

Steve Jobs, A role model for many

Similarly, his large legion of fans spread across the globe, considered Steve Jobs as a hero and a larger than life character. His fans were intrigued by his casual personality and lifestyle decisions. There was something really unique about the man, his thinking and the way he presented himself before the public. He was considered as some one with a touch of craziness inside him.

Steve Jobs was an inspiration for many particularly the young generation. In August 2009, Jobs was chosen as the most admired entrepreneur among teenagers. It doesn’t really come as a surprise because he represented energy, passion and the will to take absolutely crazy risks.

How Steve Jobs had an impact on an ordinary person’s life?

In the wake of his death, many of his loyal followers and fans are of the opinion that Steve Jobs should be awarded the Nobel Prize for his efforts and be officially recognized for his success in the world of technology. Steve Jobs did not just change the lives of normal healthy people; he also created all his products with the problems and issues of the disabled in mind. Many of his fans belong from families that have a disabled person with them. It shows how user friendly Apple’s (Steve’s inventions) products were.

Steve’s impact on the IT world

Every new product that Steve Jobs created was an invention by itself and not just an upgrade of a previous model or design. His inventions appealed to the mass market and the public at large. People were dumb founded how for example the iPhone revolutionized the cell phone design. Job’s products are worthy of being placed in a museum not because of it’s age, but rather the ground-breaking effect it had on the technology industry and on the daily lives of people.

Steve Jobs is no longer among us, but his legacy will live on forever. He’s already being called the greatest personality of our modern age and is being compared to inventors like Albert Einstein, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

Written by Frederic, freelance  writer, web blogger and data recovery software consultant.

Author: Valik Rudd

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