Google+ PageRank 12?

Just out, Google Plus seems pretty stable and clean. Simple to use and nicely integrated into the rest of the Google stuff. So far I like it but am having a hard time choosing to post stuff there rather Facebook. I don’t really have much time poking around on social sites as it is and when I do find a minute to post something, it’ll naturally go to Facebook. With time I think, as more and more people make their way to Google Plus, I’ll probably feel a bigger pull towards G+ but until then enjoy this.


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  1. IDCx says:

    Valik, amazing, never knew that google plus was an pr 12, thats wicked! Ive seen things like socialize me and addthis and that being pr10s but never have i ever laid my eyes on an TBPR 12.

    Cracked me up, what with the recent speed that new page rank scores are coming in, its a shame that the internal nature of google plus wont pass any juice, but hay hoe, great find lad!

    Nice blog this, found you through “wed design ideas”

    Keep up the blogging Valik, loved reading your site today!

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