Top 3 Of My Favorite Web Design Creativity Inspiration Blogs

Being a creative professional, the creativity bucket only goes so far before it needs to be refilled. Some like going out for a walk, some read a book, I like to visit the 3 of my favorite blogs. Why only three? Because, honestly, I just don’t have time for any more and these 3 consistently deliver the creativity ideas by the truck load. You may already have heard of them and you night have not, either way you should take another look and make sure you add them into your favorites and visit them often to reload.

Vandelay Design

The first one and the one that came out of nowhere a few years ago and just crushed any and all the other design blogs that I’ve seen with the top notch amazing content, is Vandelay Design Blog. These guys don’t post often, but when they do, you better take an hour and explore the resources they recommend. Most of their posts come in a list format and the topics go from “35 Beautiful Web Designs Inspired by Nature” to “35 High-Quality and Free Paper Textures“, from “25 Excellent Photoshop Texture Tutorials” to “33 Letterpress Business Cards for Inspiration“. Like I said, very useful stuff. I subscribed to the blog via email and their posts get archived inside my Gmail and I can search for anything I ever need to find again.

Smashing Magazine

Most people have probably heard of Smashing Magazine, it is pretty popular in the Web Design industry for their excellent tutorials, various resources and inspiration posts. I love Smashing Magazine because every single post that ever comes out is an extremely valuable gem that is worthy of printing out, framing it and hanging on the wall. If you ever get stumbled on a problem while designing or programming and need a trick or a work around, you will probably find a tutorial on their blog that covers that topic. Their Inspiration category is stuffed with all kinds of inspirational posts and lists, from “Showcase of Sweet Chocolate Websites” to “Showcase Of Web Design In The Netherlands“, from “Designing “Read More” And “Continue Reading” Links” to “How To Use Help Elements To Improve Your Designs“. Subscribing to them via email is not as obvious as with Vandelay Design but you will find the Newsletter subscription link in the footer on their website. You will receive a list of posts from the blog a few times a month. If you’d rather sign up via an RSS reader, that is super easy, right at the top.


The third blog/website I love for getting inspired is actually a CSS gallery, but as we all know, there is a SCC Gallery on the Internet probably for every hair we all have on our heads. Some of them are OK, and some just plain suck. I found this one about 3 years ago and it’s stuck with me ever since. The reason I like it is because I hate to have to click around their site just to see a an ugly site, I just want to click through on the sites that have awesome design that I want to look at. CSSClip has the thumbnail images of the sites on their homepage and if you hover over them a bigger preview opens up in the banner area at the top of the page, so you can preview each site before having to click on it to see what it really looks like. This has been a real time saver for me and that is why I love it. You should check them out too.

I will also add my new blog here which is caller and is a continuation of this blog but shifted into a little but different topic. NowPosted is a blog where I post technology news and remarkable stuff worth noting. Make sure to check it out, you may like it.

Please tell us your favorite inspiration blogs in the comments.


~ Valik

Author: Valik Rudd

Valik (Valiik) Rudd is an Internet entrepreneur. He develops new online businesses and creates new websites. His other passion is writing about the those things. Web Design Ideas blog is the outlet through which his ideas and web design tricks and tips get recorded and shared with others.

4 thoughts on “Top 3 Of My Favorite Web Design Creativity Inspiration Blogs”

  1. Vandelay has some good tips, but when I went there, all I was interested in was the actual article’s content.
    I’d noticed all the stuff on the right hand side of the page, but only long enough to realize that it wasn’t anything I cared about.
    And then between the end of the article and the feedback form, there’s links to other articles. Why are those there?

    The site may have great advice about how to improve your website, but I think they need to “look to thine own eye first” and deal with their own problems before telling anyone else how to fix theres, otherwise the information they give just doesn’t seem credible…

  2. I just discovered Web Design Ideas. What a resource! I checked out CSSclip, and I like it very much too. Like you said, it’s a great timesaver. When it comes to inspiration, I can use all the help I can get.

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