Social Media & Networking Not To Be Ignored


Social media and networking websites have become a very important part of the internet landscape. Social networking sites allow individuals from all walks of life to gather together and share information or their thoughts on a variety of topics. It has also provided a very powerful vehicle for companies and internet marketers to stay in touch with their customers, their target market and also to drive more visitors to their web sites or offer. Social media has become too big of a phenomenon to ignore. Companies and marketers that do will do so to their peril. There are many different ways to incorporate social media into a web design. They can use them to make presentations to their audience, to create a feeling of community and also to inform their customers.

When deciding which social media works best for a particular company it is important that there is proper analysis performed to determine how social media will best serve them and their target market. For example, a company that makes a lot of changes or who offer sales on a regular basis may benefit from a social media site like Twitter. Twitter allows companies or marketers to update customers on what is going on in their company. Companies can very easily offer special discounts for persons that follow them on Twitter. They can also use it to inform customers about upcoming sales or important information.

Individuals or companies that create lots of videos, whether they are product demonstrations, testimonials or simply marketing videos, would benefit from using YouTube or other video sharing websites. Companies or internet marketers that churn out a lot of white papers, articles or short reports may want to take advantage of Scribd which is a text sharing social media website.

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There are many great ways to incorporate social media into one’s web design. Whatever social media a company or internet marketer chooses to use, it is important to provide some space on their website to alert their visitors and  to explain to them how to become a part of it. Web masters may want to have a professional banner created or use text links. Consider placing social media buttons on your website which allows visitors to “vote” for your website or blog posts on some of the larger social networking websites.

There are a lot of great ways to incorporate social media. It is important that you take a close look at your website and determine which social media websites would work best and would serve you and your target market most significantly.

Author: Valik Rudd

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