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Found these neat looking RSS icons today while looking for some icons that weren’t just run of the mill. In particular, I like the round ones of the first line the best. I don’t have a particular reason as to why I like them the best other than to say that round RSS buttons don’t seem to be used as much as other designs. I also like the gray colored ones.

Anyhow, check them all out. If you find one you like, grab it…it’s FREE! :)

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  1. valiik says:

    I like the blue ones too.

    Here’s another place to get some RSS icons in a rainbow of colors:
    And this one with “outside the box” RSS icons: SmashingMagazine
    And finally, a buffet of RSS icons for all: DesignBliss

  2. Very sharp icons. The blue icons specially look good.

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