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I would like to welcome you to my site where I write about anything that has to do with web design and more specifically WordPress. I have been in the design business for over a decade and the experience that I have gathered during this time I love to share in my blog posts and in articles. I currently work for a web design agency in Brisbane called m2media and focus on WordPress development as it’s my main passion. I look forward to sharing my ideas with you. The blogs get updated on a weekly basis, and sometimes even sooner, so make sure to visit frequently and check for updates if you don’t want to subscribe to our newsletter. We appreciate feedback so make sure to leave a comment on everything that you find informative, and good luck with your web design ideas.


I have made building WordPress websites my job!


Making money is wonderful, making money while doing something you love is even better. However, if you are getting stressed while performing certain projects maybe you need a break. The fact of the matter is that making a web page has been accepted by my side as a hobby and I would love nothing more than to create more websites as I am not choked by the stress factor. If you have any of your web design stories share them with me I want to hear them.


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IF you want to become an author and you think you have the metal for it, we are accepting new applications. Just make sure to fulfill the required form and write about your experience as a writer. We value quality work over quantity so keep that in mind.

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So you want to create a site that will be working in the background while you sleep and which will be generating some revenue.


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Sharing with the community is amazing from your side! Just make sure that you are not sending us spam as we are getting overwhelmed by the submissions of sites on our site.


The most amazing team I could ask for who have many great ideas on web design:

Barbara C. Franklin

Barbara has been with us since the beginning and her experience is invaluable to the team. The longer she has been with us the better she has become at managing my designer requires. Barbara is a jewel in the desert in a time when there are no jewels anywhere in sight.

Tim Harmon

The best imaginative designer anyone can ask for. If there is any topic that I have no clue how to approach I just ask Tim how he would do it, and he instantly has several ideas on how something can be done. A true inspiration of a man and a friend like no other.

Nina Rogers

Nina has been with us a few years and in that short time, she has already proven that she can carry her own weight. Nina has an incredible imagination and her designer’s skills are way above average. I am really blessed to have this amazing person both working for me and as a friend.

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